Loved hearing the Roar!!

Unfortunately I couldn't make it down to the stadium last night (f'n Thursday night games....)

But watching it on the tube was a pleasure. Although, some shots showed a lot of empty seats, those that were there really delivered. Nice job.

The atmosphere made it into my living room quite well -- nothing like a loud Ivor Wynne on surround sound.

The pinnacle, for me, might have been during the fourth quarter pushing and shoving. It felt like I was right there in the seats -- the crowd going crazy and the chant going in full force.

Made me very, very proud to be Ticat fan.

A big thank you to all the fans that showed up and represented us well! See ya next game!

8) It was a pleasure to be there too, and while the crowd was small in numbers, it more than made up for it with their vocal cords !!!
 With the noise level in the 4th q. increasing even more, the players seemed to feed off that noise, and most of the players were acknowedging the fans for their effort !!

 Just a great over all atmosphere !!        <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->

There were 3 young men in the front row of section 8, dressed in yellow "t"s who enjoyed the game more than I have seen anyone enjoy one in a long time. They yelled, cheered, laughed and were on the go constantly.

They shook hands with everyone going by, Cat fans, Argo fans, Security, the girls selling regalia, even the Cops. At the end of the game, they and there friends shook hands with everyone going by and thanked them for coming. I hope they come back.

Good on ya mates!

I got shots of them in my photos
There really Enjoying the Ticats Ladies who selling Items to Fans.

I left with about 25 seconds on the clock and, as I walked out of the stadium, there was a huge roar from the stands as the clock ran out. A bigger roar than you'd expect the 5,000 or so remaining fans to be able to make. It sent a shiver up my spine.


The roar was great wasn't it?

Also ... the forbidden chant was in full force last night ... I heard those lovely words Argos $uck more than once during the game ... and we won!


Oh man, hearing the forbidden chant last night going full force nearly made my eyes well up. The true die hard Tiger-Cat fans owned the stadium for one night.

Oh man, hearing the forbidden chant last night going full force nearly made my eyes well up. The true die hard Tiger-Cat fans owned the stadium for one night.

My voice is still hoarse. Totally worth it!

I think the chant's gonna be deafening at Labour Day...'cause for the first time in years, we are actually in a position to make that claim!!!

Can't wait....should be awesome!

by the end of the game i had lost my voice for the night from all the yelling.

When Ticat fans smell blood and begin to make that roar
that becomes louder and louder with each passing play

there is no place better to be than Ivor Wynne Stadium,
especially when they are beating on the blue team.

After the little skirmish involving McKay the chant was so strong I had to stop for a second and listen and it sent chills down my spine. I could just imagine with another 10k hopefully on Labour Day!

Speaking as an Als fan and an outsider, it was AWESOME to hear the roar just watching the game on television. There is so much history at Ivor Wynne, so much tradition with the team; the last few years, when Hamilton has been the bottom-feeder, have really impoverished the whole league. I love seeing the Cats playing good ball again and (hopefully) becoming a force to be reckoned with in the CFL. Parity helps the whole league.

I know it wouldn't make sense to do it, but I almost wish you could treat it a bit like hockey and have someone head out there to 'stir the pot' a little.

Whenever I've been at Ivor Wynne -- and it usually happens on Labour Day -- and there's a skirmish on the field, the crowd just gets thunderously loud. The momentum always seems to shift, because the crowd cranks it right back up...if we're on D.

I know we can't handle any more penalties than we already take, but getting that crowd energized (even with under 20k there) seems to make such a difference.

Man, I love Ivor Wynne.

On the film of Thursday's scuffle it looked like McKay took a dive near the end of it.

Probably couldn't have planned it any better if he had wanted to wind up the crowd intentionally. :smiley:

Yes, the crowd was awesome that game! A shame it was blacked out. The hometown audience needs to SEE what they're missing. I really wish I wasn't so far away. I miss going to the stadium on a regular basis. Hearing the crowd on tv showed that there is still Tiger Pride in steel city. Bob may not like the chant, it may be rude, but I think it's a staple of TigerCat football, and I love it!

It wasn't.