Love to See the CFL expand to more Canadian Cities

Sport infrastructure in this country is severely lacking. That is why the CFL isn't likely to expand much in the immediate future. It's not a question of population or corporate sponsorship as much as a question of lack of infrastructure.

Nope. And this is coming from someone who lives in Saskatoon. This city is alive come Rider game day, at least until they start making the commute to Regina. A very large contingent of fans of the Riders come from Saskatoon and north of here and honestly we don't want a CFL team, NHL perhaps but not CFL. Going to the Rider games and the commute is a part of the experience being a CFL fan in Saskatchewan. By having another CFL team in Saskatchewan you would either have your die hards still making the trip to Regina or split the fanbase with neither of the teams thriving.

yeah, they might even outdraw regina

as far as fantasy goes, I would love to see about 18-20 teams so they could schedule 1 game everyday of the week.

not a chance... they don't even support the Blades of the WHL better than Regina supports their team, the Pats... so I can't really see Saskatoon supporting a CFL team... most of them would be Rider fans anyway...

my response was tongue in cheek meant to infer that the only way they get enough fans is by taking away from regina, thus ending up with more fans 8)

Each has a challenge and benefits.

Halifax has the population and the best corporate sponsorship for an Eastern team, but they have no stadium and every attempt to build a stadium is crippled by political idiocy as they had a chance to have it partially funded by the higher levels of government with the woman’s world cup and threw it away.

Moncton has a stadium, and probably the will to expand it. They’ve certainly been the friendliest to the league as well. However, Moncton’s population is limited, meaning it must contend with being a regional team. That an corporate sponsorship is the smallest of the choices.

Quebec City has the population, certainly the potential fanbase (see the Rouge Et Orr) and the best corporate sponsorship opportunities. However, the stadium you’d be looking to play at (Laval) is plagued by a stubborn university who doesn’t want to lose their CIS football dollars to a CFL team. You also have to contend with the fact Montreal owns the television rights in Quebec, and they won’t be eager to split up that pot.

But the biggest problem all these places face is ownership. Until we see a serious ownership group step forward, it’s all talk.

Finding an owner is a non issue - - if there's money to be made you'll have a line up of people wanting to buy the franchise. Nobody wants to own the Phoenix hockey team, but how much did Rogers just pay to buy the Leafs?

Biggest problem is getting fans willing to support the new team financially. Disregard the population base and just consider the per capita disposable income that's available. How many people in the Maritimes are going to drop $75 to go and see the Halifax Sinking Ships or the Newfoundland Down And Outs?

Yes your are right!!
Just look at the situation in Ottawa, a group of very rich investors looked at bringing football back to the capital. They knew that to invest in a CFL team and make money that it has to be about more than football. They went to the city and said "if you build a new stadium, we will run it and the arena, we will develop the area around the stadium build condos, restaurants, stores etc. We will also bring in a professinal soccer team because we know that soccer is popular in Ottawa and it will give us another 20 games at the new stadium" The city will receive taxes and a percentage of the leases/rents parking revenue, percentage of ticket revenue.
The owners also realized that Ottawa has the highest income of any city in Canada and a lot of disposable income, and at one time there was a CFL fan base. They also hired a great marketing guy, Jeff Hunt, who was responsible for taking the Junior hockey club from low attendance up to the highest average attendance in the OHL.

I don't think that what they are doing in Ottawa can work in any other non-CFL city. Owners/investors have to convince a city why they should build a stadium and how it can make money and it's not just about 9 CFL games a year.

What about American border cities?

-Buffalo if it loses its NFL team in a few years

-Detroit-Windsor team.


Interest in southern ontario is luke warm at best, taking it to the USA again ,in that area isn't going to be any better.Be a lot worse. Also the non import rule wouldn't apply to the American teams ,so you would have different rules and a clear advantage for the American teams. Never work!

why is there always some guy who comes on and makes the awful suggestion about expanding to the US again??? :roll:

it is not a good idea, stop bringing it up.

Maybe not old enough to remember that fiasco. I cringe and makes me open Rye!

But Balitmore was successful as a Northern city who had an NFL team in the past, If the Bills left, a CFL team could be what Baltimore was.

ah yes, the early 90's experiment to the CFL hot beds of Vegas, Baltimore, Sacramento and Shevreport ... make it two Rye's :wink:

The biggest thing was ,the non import rule! Once the American teams figured out what they were doing and got solid football people in charge. It was a huge advantage. Baltimore's 95 team, best ever cfl team!

ya but it was also coaching...

Matthews was the Stallion's Coach. that right there is a huge HUGE bonus.

compared to Memphis' coach.. hahahahahaha

kasps said

The biggest thing was ,the non import rule! Once the American teams figured out what they were doing and got solid football people in charge. It was a huge advantage. Baltimore's 95 team, best ever cfl team!
But when there is talk about reducing the NI ratio in the CFL because there is just not enough talent coming out of the CIS, the argument is that it's not true that we have plenty of talented Canadians coming out of the CIS and that they are better than ever. But if that's true that we have all this talent coming out of the CIS then why do we guarantee 21 starters and act like they are not good enough and they can't compete against the imports?

300 million americans, Football is their no 1 sport. Football is our 3rd or 4th. We are not close to them ,in depth, at least 20 :1 ratio at every position,its probably to low. Training,coaching, and funding.The 10th best team in Texas high school program, would destroy our best high school team.

umm 3rd or 4th?

since when… and what is ahead of football in Canada?

show me the stats to prove it too.