Love to See the CFL expand to more Canadian Cities

With all these major cities having the money to build new stadiums when they already have adequate facilities. It would be nice to see some funds could be channeled to other Canadian cities that don't have a CFL franchise. Now we are 8 teams, solid teams, with great facilities and finances. It would be nice to see 10 or 12 teams.

at most you will get 10 teams in the CFL, at least for the next 50 years.

Why? population. and more importantly Corporate Sponsorship opportunities..

there is no way that you can today have more than 10 teams.

there are no cities out west past Manitoba that could properly support a CFL team.

you can't have 11 teams because it would be an odd numbered league and they really dont' want that.

so you have to decide, who gets that 10th team? Halifax? Moncton? Quebec City?

Actually it would work. Because of an 18 game schedule it the ideal odd number that would ensure that there was one bye team every week of play during the season, and no funky two game weeks for teams...

yeah but it's not their best situation. they want an even league so everyone plays each week, because nobody really wants to have weeks off more than once a year.

I would be very confident that based on the current attendance figures that Saskatoon would easily outdraw Toronto and Montreal.

I hate to break it to you, but when Ottawa comes back, there will be 9 teams, and 9 is an odd number.

The league can't find a 8th owner as it is now. 10 would be the limit. People say we should expand to 12 teams,but nobody can name one possible owner who has expressed interest in owning a CFL team?. When one owner has to own two teams in the same league and in two of the biggest markets in Canada,is not a good thing what so ever.

True. But 9 is still an odd number.

The larger cities that have multiple studiums could, lets says create another team and have two teams. Geographically it makes LESS sense for some cites that are re-using the same site or or too near to the same sites. On the other hand you might have a better geographic distance apart.Take for Ex: Montreal has now the regular Percival-Molsam stadium, just north of down town. Then you have the olympic stadium all the way east of Montreal.

If we can build extra stadium, as this going on now, we may be able to field extra CFL teams in those stadiums, grow the league, have more games being playing during the typical season.

Who is going to own these teams??? Montreal is only drawing 21k now. 18 games is enough now. No Canadian city could support two teams, never work. Toronto cant draw 20 k in paid attendance!

The only potential cities are Victoria, Saskatoon, London, Quebec City, Moncton, Halifax.

Victoria is a huge maybe. You might draw fans that find it easier and cheaper to support an island team than spend the time and money to cross to Vancouver. Likely the impact would be minimal and a Victoria team would fold very quickly.

Saskatchewan is the Riders. They are a provincial team not a Regina team and I doubt you would get the support for a Saskatoon team and even if you did it would be supported by the city only the rest of the province bleeds Rider green.

London could draw from Windsor, Sarnia, Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph but I doubt southern Ontario would support a third team in a market that refuses to support one of the teams it already has.

Quebec City is a possibility. Could draw some fans from northern NB and would have an instant rivalry with the Als. They support the Canadian college game there so it might survive.

Moncton is the only other city that might have a shot. Only one team could survive in the Maratimes and Moncton is more centralized than Halifax. It's a reasonable trip from Halifax, Fredericton, Edmunston, Sydney and PEI. There's a reason the CFL picked Moncton for Touchdown Atlantic. They would need a new stadium to make it work. Montreal would be a memory if not for the big O, even with the upgrade to 25k at McGill.

Bottom line, I agree with those saying 10 is the max and only Quebec City and Moncton seem to have a shot at succeeding but they need new facilities and solid ownership before the discussion can get serious.

did we not have an odd numbered league (9) for the vast majority of the history of the CFL?
It may not be ideal, although it seemed to work well for many decades.

It is only in recent years that we have contracted to 8 teams (soon to be an odd numbered 9 again) due to insolvency issues.

A palpable obstacle in the quest for expansion is the perennial lack of suitable venues.
Without a proper facility, there will be little to no private sector interest, until such venues are constructed.

If Quebec City or Moncton/Halifax were to house a suitable CFL standards stadium, franchise interest will likely garner quite rapidly.

but until then......

ya I realized that 9 is an odd number..

me know math! :lol:

the league wants to go to 10.. they're just making sure it's done properly.

9 teams work.The schedule will be a bit quirky but thats what makes the CFL ,all the quirks. The West will play 3 games vs each other and the East will play 4 inter divisional games against each team. That gets both divisions to 12 games, then 6 cross over games.

at least one of us does...I had to ask the girlfriend just to make sure. :wink:

East coast is where the 10th team should go, but they have been dragging their feet for 30 years.

But changing your clock twice a year is just far too complicated for you. :wink:

Who are they??

Until a millionaire or a group of investors decides to invest in a CFL team, you won't see a team on the east coast.
Owners need, corporate sponsorship, advertiser and a lot of fans. Right now it's not going to happen, too many teams losing money. They also need a decent stadium with plenty of comfortable seats, not just temporary bleachers.
If a team in Toronto loses money and can't draw 20,000 how could a team on the east coast make money.

There again maybe if the Argos re-located to the East Coast they may be able to average more than 20k per game, but they wouldn't have the corporate sponsorhip they have now.

Current+ Ottawa+Moncton is all we need

small number of teams is good

No stadium = no owners (not the other way around)

Potential owners purchase teams, not stadiums, thus the stance to build such a facility resides on the municipalty or other levels of gov't.

Awarding/hosting amateur athletics games to CFL-free Canadian cities may help accrue level funding for these venues, although is not always the case if the municipality is hesitant or less than pro-active. (see Halifax) :frowning:

Ownership inquiries will not be placed until the stadium is in place or at least a finalized agreement.