Love the new forums!

Robert LOVES the new forums! :smiley:

Much easier to read with better contrast.

Let the flames begin.

Kinda sucks on a mobile device..

Hmm, I'll spend some time looking at that. Any specific feedback re: how it looks on mobile?

It's done wonders for your sig pic.

It used to scale to fit..doesn't appear to do that now.
Its not the look just the functionality
But only have had a few minutes looking ..but if someone uses a larger font its unreadable ..that might be from moving things to this forum i know its new and things need tweaking but i only use mobile devices and just doesn't seem to fit ...I'll have to turn on my iphone see if it works on that better on an android now

It seems to work well on my old iPhone 5. I'm able to scale properly and navigate without issue.

I notice the image links have been fixed. Good job!

Looks nice lets get big time following. Cheers

I love the new forums from an initial experience albeit I have to get used to it still. Much more professional looking.

Will get used to it.

Where is the Other Sports Sub-Forum?

Whoops! Re-added it now (it was hidden).

Really nice to see the forum updated!!!

Looks good on Android. Nice work!

So far so good. I was in IT for 40 years so I know users don't like change....

Sully....keep up the good work....change is never easy.?

Are avatar pics going to come back on mobile?

I took them away because I thought they made the layout awkward. You think we should bring them back?

The new forum is really white.

Also, is there any new features with the new set up?

This one
And this
[shadow=blue,left]Or this[/shadow]
Are these features or eye candy ?

Go Blue

nice, very well done, cheers to all for making the needed changes

How about fixing the links from the team sites? I cannot navigate here from Also, perhaps a warning should have been posted as a Sticky on ALL the team sites, with an actual link to these fora.

Also, being a Tiger-Cats fan, I dislike the Ottawa (or Calgary) theme here. I was critical of the last upgrade, and I will continue to be so, until we get the functionality we had before (team colour schemes, links from team sites, etc, ad nauseum)...