Love the CFL: Annual reasons why not to watch the SB

Here it goes, my annual effort to reinforce if you will during this long off season why I/we here are head over heels for this little league of ours that could.
To further reinforce and it ties in perfect with the reason not to watch the overhyped Super Bowl.
I will start with a few reasons, see if there are others with theirs:

1. Better brand of football
2. True Canadiana
3. Not World Champion
4. Can't wait for the free agency to start
5. Can't wait for the RedBlacks to play

While I prefer our game - more wide open, better rules, shorter play clock - I will be watching the Superbowl. Why? Because it's still football, and should be a pretty good game. Two quarterbacks with very different styles, some very good receivers, and two very tough defences.

I usually watch the SB. Besides a few playoff games, It’s probably the only NFL game I’ll watch. Sometimes they are good games. Mostly I watch because my CFL monkey is on my back and I need any fix I can get. Always realize after the SB is over how lucky I am to be CFL fan. :thup:

I find "huge" NFL games very anal and conservative. The coaches are so afraid about making a mistake which costs them the game, that nothing much ever happens. The stakes are "enormous" of course, but it's basically "kitty bar the door" for 58 minutes, then the losing team unleashes a barrage of desperate long bombs which rarely meet the mark. More likely a complete "breakdown" in defensive coverage is the key play of the game, when everybody forgets to cover the best receiver for the other team who is wide open and can jog into the end zone untouched. Game over, then everyone saunters off the field with 30 seconds left on the clock. Amazing! :?

I prefer our brand as well and easier to follow players here with much less teams but that being said, I do watch some NFL, particularly the playoffs and will be watching the SB this Sunday. It should be an excellent matchup and I predict Denver will win by a couple td’s.

WHO'S great idea was it to have a Superbowl out side in Feb... :lol: :lol:

Prefer the CFL game and rarely watch the NFL, but SB is the one game will watch. What else is there to do on a Sunday night in February for 4-5 hours ?! :wink:

I guess you haven't watched many of the last 10 Super Bowls then if that is your impression. I won't bore you with scores and stats from the last 10 years but just the last five.

34 - 31, 835 yards of offence - 560 of that passing
21 - 17, 745 yards of offence - 548 of that passing
31 - 25, 725 yards of offence - 549 of that passing
31 - 17, 764 yards of offence - 614 of that passing
27 - 23, 699 yards of offence - 608 of that passing.

If that is 'kitty bar the door' for 58 minutes football - here's hoping we get 'kitty-bar-the-door' football this weekend.

Yes I like the NFL - but also love the CFL, NCAA and CIS. I love football - and just because I love the NFL does NOT mean I hate the CFL. In fact to be honest as a sports fan I better understand friends of mine who don't like football, so they have little interest in either the Grey Cup or Super Bowl more than I can understand people who love watching the CFL but supposedly 'hate' everything about the NFL. That I don't really understand. And that's not to be critical of anybody that feels that way - to each his own - I just don't get it.

Stupid post.

The reasons have nothing to do with watching the game.

I'll be watching the SB as I always do. I love both the CFL & NFL(as well as NCAA, CIS), just like I love Tikka Masala and Lasagna.

The only reason not to watch the SB is there are way too many commercials.

Not crazy about the idea of this thread, while not a fan of the NFL, hence I don't watch games, I don't see the need to hate the league.

Not a fan of this thread either, football is football and while I make an effort to watch every Rider and if I can every CFL game I can, I make the same effort for my Seahawks games. This is an exciting time for me in football with the Riders coming off a Grey Cup win and now my favorite NFL team competing for the Super Bowl. The NFL isn't out to crush the CFL (don't quote me on this) but I believe the NFL went on record to say they want the CFL to stick around. Despite the Bills in Toronto blame rogers not the NFL. I just love football in general, not everyone has to like the NFL,

but instead of bashing what you hate, why not just promote what you love... :rockin:

Go Riders
Go Hawks

Whether some of you like the post or not is NOT the issue, it's a discussion.
Whether some people watch the hype SB or not.
I do not and have stated my reasons.
Others that do, that's great state your reasons why.
There is no right or wrong answer here!

I'll be watching the SB simply because its football. I'll be falling asleep half-way thru it though because its NFL football.

4 downs to get 10 yards, not having to catch punts, etc, is so freakin boring.

Except the title of the thread is about why not to watch the Superbowl, not why people do or do not watch.

Perhaps a better title would have been To SB or Not to SB: That is the Question. Then the personal slings and arrows would have been distributed more generally rather than all at you.

I do not care about the NFL, my agenda is the CFL hence this site.

The two aren't mutually exclusive. Liking one doesn't preclude liking the other.

I prefer the CFL - it's our own country's league and it's the league on which I was raised - but I still watch the NFL. I just don't have a loyalty to an NFL team which makes me a casual fan. However, I neither blame nor ridicule others for watching the NFL (although I do find it rather odd that someone living in Canada can proclaim "my Saints," "my Steelers," or "my Ravens" when they live thousands of miles away and may not have even visited that city!).

I don't. While my parents have ties to the city of Hamilton, and I have relatives living there still, I have never lived there myself. Moreover, I have lived my entire life so far in cities with CFL teams (past / future team in the case of Ottawa). Yet I am a Ticats fan through and through.

referring more to people in another country.

Why do some Canadians have such an inferiority complex?

Interesting, since a case could be made that the compulsion to repeatedly rip the NFL is evidence of exactly that.