Love the Alouettes retro campaign.

The Montreal Alouettes wore their iconic "Winged Helmet" from the 1960's. My favourite helmet of theirs. they will be wearing a different one from each era of their history each month. I think this is super cool. Wish the Redblacks would do the same and market our long 140 year history of Ottawa football with retro helmets and uniforms and merchandise.

Definitely would work with some of the helmet designs like the bucking bronco with the guy on top trying to stay on and then the old R .

Thought they would've had one day with old uni's by now and then sell a few old style shirts etc ... .especailly the R and the old striped shirts minus the helmet logo on the sleeve . Never liked the helmet on the sleeves .

Love the winged helmet of the Alouettes . Think they should keep that look next season . It just pops with those modern uniforms .

I agree. It's very unique. Like the Eagles and Rams but different and historical. The Redblacks could also work in the lightning bolts they wore from 1961 to 1962 along with the ones you've mentioned.