Love that Youtube

Since there's nothing going on Ticat wise, it was a blast to watch CFL Traditions Hamilton Tigercats. Great film clips of past Grey Cups and fabulous interviews from a number of our notable Ticats.

Part two

Part 3

Part 4

Spectacular stuff !!


Great find, deerhunter! Thanks for sharing. :thup:

All the credit goes to the first poster "Wallace" for tipping us off to these videos.

I hope all the Ticats players see these videos. (especially the new Ticats) I got shivers by the end of the last video.

All the CFL traditions videos are great.You can buy them online at the cfl hall of fame web site for 5 bucks!

Perfect way to get through the off-season! Thanks! :rockin:

My Lord. I can’t believe the stuff I’m finding on YouTube now thanks to “Wallace” mentioning it.

This is priceless stuff.

Here are the player introductions of the '67 Grey Cup in brand new Landsdowne Park in Ottawa. (which the Tiger-Cats won)

Catch the Labbatts 50 commercial at the end. It’s hilarious.

And here is the post-game celebrations in the Tiger-Cat locker room after winning the '65 Grey Cup.

Part 1

Part 2

I don’t know about the rest of you fans but these videos are marvelous and like stepping back into time.The legendary status of the Tiger-Cats really comes through.

For some comedy, this is a clip I found of the -Barenaked Ladies- Ed Robertson when he filmed a segment for his TV show -Ed’s Up- at the Tiger-Cat training camp a few years back.

it’s a short clip but still funny.

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these are awesome vid's...thanks!!
Also, whoever mentioned that you can find last year's CFL games on Cogeco on-demand...much thanks!!
Was watching last year's labour day Ivor Wynne was rockin'!

Can't wait for Canada Day!! Hopefully she's full!