Love for Troy Westwood

Everybody is talking about Milt Stegall’s last game in Winnipeg (that wasn’t even a sell out). Meanwhile does anybody care to think about what Good ol’ Westwood is thinking?

Are these the last days of the Westwood era? He has been around longer than Milt.

Where’s the love?

The love for Westwood disappeared over the past three years at the same rate as his reliability. Milt is still productive. If he was dropping more balls than he catches, fans wouldn't be talking about him either. Milt is looking to retire while he is still a consistent strong performer. For Troy, that ended three years ago.

I am president of the Run Westwood Out Of Town Club !!! The only thing worse than his kicking ability is when he runs his mouth, which is far to often and he never backs his up. Where I come from you don't write cheques your ass can't cash.
I say light the mofo on fire and send him to Toronto (hell).


I like the name Troy Widewood whoever came up with that one and Kamuu Incompletersen are very funny.Big sexy I was wondering where the outspoken Winnipeg fans were nice of one to finally show up.

i think ths points been amde, troy lost his reliability a few years back, and also killed our GC chances in 01. the fans here never hesitated to put the noose around his neck.

I'll admit I haven't had much faith in Westwood the last 3 seasons but will someone please explain to me why he's been blamed for the last 6 years for costing us the Cup in 2001? He was 1 for 4 in the game and 2 of the misses went for singles and one didn't which means he left 7 points on the field ( 2 for each of the fg's that went for singles and 3 for the one that was brought out of the endzone ). So if he goes 4 for 4 the final score would have been 27-26 Calgary.

....when he does finally hang them up...(probably at the end of this year)...he will have had a fairly solid career with the BigBlue...Unfortunately a lot of Winnipegers will remember the missed field goals by Troy ..and particular ,against the stamps that might have cost Bombers the Cup...but all in all he really did bleed BluenGold....plunk.. plunk......kerplunk :wink:

i say because if he made even the first one he missed the entire game plays out differently and it sured pumped calgary. i think it could have been alot different but it is in the past now. and although he will be remembered has a poor kicker over the pst few season he still holds the blue bomber all time scoring title that probably won;t be matched for a long long time