Lousy timing by the weather

With the new sod lawn we just put in a couple of weeks ago, we got to do lots of watering. Way above average temp for the next 4 days and still sunny and high for most of the next 2 weeks is not a good thing right now.

Might have to spend half of my nights watering the lawns.

On that note, time to watch Perry Mason followed by News, followed by AFL.

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so, here in vancouver we are about to set the record on monday at 99 degrees F, 5 degrees F higher than ever before in recorded history. In the last 120 years, only 5 yrs highs were within 9 degrees F. All the rest between 10 and 20 degrees lower than this year, so far.

That is real hot for Vancouver.

How ya all doing across Canada this weekend.

This is insane. Now they say we will be 104 on monday. That is 10 F more than ever before over the last 120 years. Climate change, hell no, it is just a myth.

oh my poor grass. Money down the drain? Hope not

Is that with the made up BS humidex?

nope. Didnt even notice humidity. Supposed to feel like 117

Then wow!
But for me if its 104. it feels like 104

I understand windchill, but not heat feels like.

Wind chill is BS to me as well

So you're saying -20 with no wind feels the same as -20 with 40Km winds?

If it does not affect a thermometer, its BS

Temperature is temperature....but humidity and wind definitly impact how it feels.
There is no argueing against how the humidity makes it more uncomfortably hot, or how the cold wind can cause frostbite/hypothermia quicker.

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Can you imagine going to Lions games in this extreme heat?

July to December is good for the CFL.

On the Prairies we play football at +40 or -40....

I am hoping the two new stadiums in Winnipeg and Regina helps with the experience at the stadium.

Why did they not put a dome when they were built?

As for the weather the extreme heat wave is not good as is the cold wind that goes through during the winter.

And a mathematical formula is used to tell you how you feel which has been changed at least 3 times

Its BS

If we can put holes in the O zone, one would think we could also put holes in a heat dome.

well, we seem to have survived our 4 day extreme heat wave. Didnt sleep much. Spent every night watering our new lawn from about 7 pm to 4 am. Couple of unhappy spots, but most doing well.

How is it for ya all today?

Kind of a good thing, maybe, that they didnt have to play football at this time.

Would it ever be so hot that they would cancel/postpone games?

Friday evening in Powell River BC. Absolutely the perfect summers evening.

Sorry, make that Wednesday evening.