Lousy media or poor PR work from the Als

While fans from other teams are getting half a dozen articles a day on their teams camps, the Als are providing us with NOTHING, not even a small daily press release…

This frustrates me very much also. It stems from the fact that the Als Rookie Camp is closed to the media, the only CFL team that does this. It is because they bring in a quantity of players far over the permissible roster limit, and are probably reluctant to have this as public knowledge.
On the other hand, this is one of the ways that Jim Popp unearths so many great CFLers. I imagine on Sunday when the training camp roster comes out, there will be several players listed that are not on the roster at this point.
In the meantime I guess we have to pass our time online reading about the rookie flavor of the days on the other teams. And Miguel Bujold in La Presse( who does an excellent job of covering the Als when he gets the space) has been doing a team by team preview.

I am another frustrated fan; I am sick and tired of hearing only about Les Canadiens,Impact/AC Milan,etc. Everything but the Als. To me, the only person responsible for this situation is Jim Popp. It is his way and he does not seem to care about the fans. During the off-season, he is the only one that does not list/confirm releases of players. You always have to go at their off-season roster,in order to know who has been released.

Yes he has found good talent over the years and yes we have had good records,but most of the other teams in the East were lousy for the past ten years,which explain our success in the East. This year, I will be extremely surprised if we win more than 11 games; the fact that we play against the Argos 4 time will surely help. Hamilton may/should beat us for number 1 in the East.

While I don't expect many rookies to make the active roster, It would nevertheless have been interesting to hear about some of these rookies,during the rookie camp; furthermore, it would have been free/much needed publicity for the Als.Jim does not seem to care. He could not act this way in the NFL and this is why he should remain with the Als,unless Mr.Smith decides that enough is enough. To me,the Als cannot afford to lose Mr.Smith; he is the main reason why we have a team in Montreal.

Thank God that we only have 2 more days of frustration,since training camp begins Sunday; today players are supposed to receive their Grey Cup rings.


Can you imagine trying to cover this team as a reporter ?

Richard, Smith is part of this too btw... He looooves to be interviewed but the players better not be seen online...

While I can sympathize with not hearing about the als nearly enough in the newspapers I really dont see the connection between that and how they will do this coming season. The weak east argument doesnt really hold a great deal of water given that the als did very well against the west last year. Popp always finds gems hidden away to replace guys that were lost in the offseason and Hamilton did well last year but hte last time they did this well they followed it up by tanking the next two years so i'll wait and see with them. If the way the team works is to keep the rookie camp closed thats fine Id rather have a great GM that plays things a little more secretively than other I'll take it

Richard, you are kidding right, when saying the Impact gets more coverage than the Als, it was only for 1 game.

So are you gonna complain this week that the F1 GP gets more coverage than the Als ? Sure it gets more coverage, it's only a 1 time event over 3 days..

I understand your frustration, let's be honest Habs get 90%+ of coverage year around.....please don't compare the Impact vs Als media coverage !

I'm also frustrated with the media coverage about our Als, who to blame I don't know....sad fact is I'm getting used to it...year after year !

There is a great french article from Rue Frontenac/Serge Vleminckx about the "PR situation":

[url=http://www.ruefrontenac.com/sports/opinion/23653-alouettes-relations-publiques]http://www.ruefrontenac.com/sports/opin ... -publiques[/url]

Great article but in French about the lack of respect of the Als organization to the public and the media. Strong remarks about Larry Smith tossing the media aside since "his stadium" is selling out. I keep saying it, the Als are going to regret when the team needs to reboot or has some setbacks on the field. Jim and Trestman won't give a hoot they will be gone and Smith will move on to his next target. Ain't right...

http://www.ruefrontenac.com/sports/opin ... -publiques

I disagree, really before training camp, there not that much to say that will interest the casual fan (about 90% of the fans are really casual... ) What's the point of bringing up all those names that we will not hear again after the real season start. Bottom line is that Larry, Jim and cie have managed to give us a competitive team year after year and to keep stabilty in the roster. So when season start and our birds start chaining victories again, we will all forget about Richard's post that is not only very pessimistic but also underminds past success. :thdn:

This takes nothing away from the great work they have done Building and coaching a great football team. I don't agree that it undermines past success either. I agree 90 percent won't notice (not to say they don't care), still leaves the other 10 percent who are more passionate.

Also I consider it borderline cheating because none of our rivals do this, so by extension the Als appropriate themselves a small competitive advantage.

Again as long as they are a dominant team they will get away with it but media types remember these things and it will come and bite them in the feathers...

It is 0h30 sunday morning and,yet, no news on the Als final transactions. The person to blame,at least to me, is Jim Popp. He has too much control.

I never underestimated what they have done in the past and I give credit to Jim Popp but,while I don't have numbers to prove that, I am positive that he has had,amongst CFL teams, the highest budgets for scouting/training camps/coaches,etc. Mr. Wetenhall is the one to thank. During all these years,no team has had as many players on 9 games injury lists; again, the owner is the one to thank.

I agree with was is written in Rue Frontenac,except what relates to Mr Smith. He has been in the media during the off-season with regards to addition of seats and the selling of these new seats. Football related news-other than stadium- were non existent. If we don't sell these seats,we cannot afford good players/excellent coaches,etc.

The Als are my team and I wish them the best for this upcoming season.


Is it completely the Als fault, or is it the media simply not devoting space to the team in the offseason? First of all newspapers are a dying media and sports pages have shrunk. Canadiens being No. 1 in Montreal, they get the bulk of the space.
Herb in the Gazette posts stuff off season but he and Jim Popp dont talk. La Presse will only cover something like the Trestman signing in the offseason, dont even know if Miguel Bujold works there year round. Rue Frontenac obviously doesnt have the resources to do any true reporting, and I dont read Le Journal but dont think they have a football reporter. And of course RDS is the media arm of the Canadiens and will only cover Alouettes major events off season. Contrast this with for instance Sask., Ham., and Winn., with nothing but CFL football, and you get stories everyday. But that is not the Alouettes fault. Yeah Jim Popp is guarded with the 3 day rookie camp, but is doing it for the team. Look to the NFL, arguably 2 of the most successful people - Belichick and Parcells - will never be accused of being media friendly. All actions are for their team. Starting today camp will be open, players and coaches can be interviewed, now lets see how much coverage the media devotes to them!

bang on idealsheldon

It’s 14h45 and there are still no news from the Als/on their site re:roster updates and Bryan Chiu retirement.

According to RDS, Cody Pickett-QB- has been released; only 3 QBs in camp,as of now. Scott Flory,Diamond Ferri and Andrew Hawkins are not ready to practice, before a few days. Finally, DE Nickolas Morin-Soucy,3rd round draft choice in 2009,who was hurt in the last pre-season game and who missed the whole season,is in camp. He should be ready at the same time as Flory,Ferri and Hawkins.

Hoping that somebody-from Als- will awake and provide us with some needed information.


Does anyone know of the health of Andrew Hawkins? Much was noticed of his play lat year until he sustained a very serious injury.

According to RDS -what Jim Popp told David Arsenault- Andrew Hawkins should be ready in a few days.


One the road to recovery, they gonna take it slow with him for a month or so... he's got a twitter account if you want to be a peep :wink: