Louise Dyakowski


Canada's smartest Baby!

Peter DyakowskiVerified account
I had to skip practice today but I think it was worth it! Say hello to Louise Dyakowski, our 7lbs 9oz bundle of joy!

Congratulations to the Dyakowsi family! Wonderful news! Best wishes to you all

Our daughter is expecting a baby girl (our first grandchild) next month. Very exciting!


Ten fingers and Ten toes?

You do understand that Simone is now going to start calling you "Grampa", now?

(And you should promise that if he does so, he's going to die young)

Beautiful baby girl. All the best wishes to mom, child and entire family. Cherish her. You are a fortunate guy.

Well said Smog! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old father of girls)

Anyone else notice the size of Peter's hand compared to his daughter?

The most important question: Can she run-block?

Erik Harris one day later

Erik Harris ?@e_harris_31 11m11 minutes ago
Words can't describe this moment. Extremely proud of my beautiful wife, she was so brave.…

Erik HarrisVerified account ?@e_harris_31 4m4 minutes ago
Made a Ticat Born a Saint


Did you mean Simoni ?