Louis B. - TiCats' Digital Host


If he’s as impressive, at his job with the TiCats, as his Uncle Mike was with his, this should be a great addition for all of us fans.

Hope to get way better coverage than we got last year

Will be a welcomed improvement

Does any one else ever have no sound when watching the videos of press conferences? I never get any when the videos are from this podium.
Its been going on for a couple seasons now and Lous video is no different.

I agree,
The people asking the questions should have a microphone and also state their name and credentials.
It is frustrating to listen to answers to questions that you don’t clearly hear being asked.

I agree about the people asking questions should have microphones but I dont get any sound at all, even from the people answering the questions. I use an android phone if that makes any difference. This was an issue with my old phone aswell.

I get sound (from the microphone, not the questioner) on both our Apple iPad and PC computer, but they are on WiFi and direct ethernet hook-up, respectively. Could it be your service provider, or phone settings, that is the problem?

I was hoping you were named co-digital host Grover…DARN

you provide better info than what was available by the professionals last season.

Sometimes these streams start playing with the sound muted. I’ve had to occasionally click on the little speaker symbol in the bottom right corner of the frame and push the slider up to increase the volume.

It doesn’t matter if I’m using my cellular data or wifi the only sound I get is a faint click. I think it might be an android issue as I’ve used my wife’s iPhone before and it was fine on it. I find it a little weird that it only happens with the press conference videos from Ti-cats though.

What ever happened to the wee lass we had in 2018? I thought her features were quite timely and interesting. Seems the “Digital Host” is basically a one year gig?

It seems to be more of an entry level job for people interested in future broadcasting careers.

In the past we’ve had people like Carly Agro and Kate McKenna working as a Digital Host for the Ti-Cats.

They eventually moved on to become TV hosts on Sportset and TSN.