Loudest stadium contest was fixed by TSN

TSN claims the Bombers have the loudest fans…

Guess what, it is a known fact back a week ago the Rider fand were never informed about this so called competition. Many Rider fans have stated they never told anyone at Mosaic before the game and did not sell any noise makers.

Winnipeg fans were told about this before and sold noise makers, therefore were given a distinct advantage.

Yes it was stupid no doubt about it. Both stadiums reached 104. Last week's game was over by half time. Another advantage to the Bombers as they took the average of all their readings.

Yeah, what if the game had been a big blow out for Saskatchewan?

....besides, everyone knows that McMahon is the loudest stadium, when Heinz sponsors baked bean night...

honestly...who really cares? It was pretty close and both stadiums are loud. Bombers got a bit of a shaft by a moose and Riders got a bit of a shaft because it was not widely known. I know at the Rider game there were not many I talked to who had a clue about it. At the same time I think the Winnipeg is louder bases on first hand experience...not by a lot but slight and I think some of that is the metal instead of fabric and resonating sound back in some. What would have been interesting is if they had not told anyone they were doing it....oh well...make it a yearly tradition


When the crowds were not informed about decibel readings, IGF cracked 106 in 2013 and new mosaic hit 104 this labour day:

When neither stadium knew they were being monitored and just behaved as they naturally would, IGF was the loudest.

Geez...this was just a fun deal

who really cares?

Is it everywhere, or just on this site, where CFL fans just love to complain about everything?

Well it would definitely be the messiest stadium after that particular promotion.

Gotta reinforce the stadium piping for that one


It was just a fun "competition".
No need To call on the international crowd noise measuring association to make a ruling


There will forever be an asterisk beside this "championship." If the league had any integrity, they would strip Winnipeg of the title, take back the champion's winnings, and award the Roughriders with the Bombers first-round picks for the next 5 seasons.

We'll see if Ambrosie has the spine to stand up to the BOG on this issue and do the right thing.

Plus, everyone knows the true measure of a stadium is not in how loud it gets, but in how convenient the facilities and concessions are. And no one comes close to BMO in that respect. It's almost as if each fan at an Argos game has his or her own private washroom and beer purveyor. In other stadiums, fans actually have to wait in lines. That's no way to treat your fans. Someday, the rest of the league will learn from the Argos brass.

Cm'on its not that bad. Lots of line ups at the food, drink and the washrooms when there is 15-16,000. Always funny how the people that go to the games have to bear the brunt of the sarcasm.

TSN advertised it, Riders didn’t so that is thier screwup.

Radio said that noise makers where not allowed into Regina stadium but were in Winnipeg (lots of photo proof)

Winnipeg stadium is designed to be louder than Reginas.

They should just record the home games for a year and that would prove it out.

Winnipeg won by 0.5 db, a tie at best.

Both stadiums are loud which is great

If someone has an issue with " a FIX " and lost the loud competition, their life must be close to perfect.
No real problems right ?

Chamblin, who is a bit of an expert on noisy fans, working as he does in the zoo otherwise known as Regina's Mosaic Stadium, repeated in Winnipeg on Saturday what he said earlier in the week in Regina — when it comes to raw decibels, there is no place louder in the CFL than Investors Group Field, site of this afternoon's Banjo Bowl between the Riders and Bombers.
Your own Coach in 2014 admitted Bomber fans were louder, how much more proof do you need or are Riders fans just blind to reality.
Last week your player and mascot were mistreated and now the contest was rigged. Wonder what next weeks Rider controversy will be lol

Yeah, I wouldn't put that much faith in anything a disgruntled ex-employee says lol

That said...I myself have said I feel Winnipeg is louder...I think the energy from the fans and the noise they make is relatively equal, with the Bombers having a facility better designed to retain noise...rigid over fabric.

I always felt that before the renovations and new stadiums that a packed house in Hamilton was the loudest...of course with smaller digs now that will likely never be the case again

The average at IGF would have been better if not hampered by the low reading during opening kickoff, which was due to fans getting into the stadium late because of a loose moose. IGF would have had an even higher decibel reading if not for that moose.

I agree with the poster above me - IGF was designed to be louder because of the roof.
If only the argos could pack BMO, cause their roof makes it defening when the upper east side is full. I'm sure a full and noisy house would get a high decibel level as well.

If Bomber fans want to make anything out of this it would be proper for them to acknowledge some facts. In Winnipeg they were giving away noise makers, in Saskatchewan noise makers (for some odd reason) weren't allowed in the stadium.

Winnipeg fans are really becoming a bunch of whiners and it really makes them look bad......

Whining about whiners while you are whining about noise competition 'fairness'.....

And remember that decibels are measured on a logarithmic scale.