Louder Stadiums this Year?

when watching the 3 games this week, i've noticed the crowd seems louder.

last nites bombers vs argos game sounded like a playoff game. im watching the stamps hosting the lions right now on CFL-ON-DEMAND, and its a very loud crowd aswell.....heck, even the 30 fans who showed up at IWS sounded big, with the loudest 'oskee-wee-wee' chant ive ever heard on tv....

is this because the crowd is more vocal this year or TSN has gotten better at mic'ing the crowd?

OR, am i just hearing things and the crowd is just as loud as in previous years?

I would think that TSN is Mic'ing the crowd better as seen(heard) during the Don Wittman memorial

it was loud in wpg lastnight its those benches in the upper deck that sound carries quite well

i would put money on tsn mic'in the crowd better. but i know in winnipeg you can always get noise from the benches. the east side upper deck got pretty defening when the bombers D was in tight situations like the blocked kick where T.O started at our 5.

The east side in Wpg is always loud. Believe it or not, an overcast sky will also bounce those sound waves back down big time.

Damn. When I saw this I thought it said, "London Stadium this year."

I didn't think I heard anything about a stadium. Oh well.

But I haven't really noticed louder crowds...