loud annoying stadium music!

Yep. It's baaaack!

Now, when I`ve gone to games at THF, I bring a radio with noise cancelling earphones. It does wonders at cutting out the excessive harsh volumes this stadium produces.

As much as I would like to bring my children and wife to the game, I can't because of this problem.

People, such as I, have complained almost constantly about this issue for years, even decades, and there appears to be an unwillingness by the team and/or the city to come up with a satisfactory solution.

With all the science available on this subject, the dangers to personal hearing and the building of a brand new facility, I refuse to believe that this cannot be overcome.

The ridiculousness of this situation was made clear when the Tiger cats won the eastern final at this same stadium. I was standing in the upper west side area, and yet could not hear a single word of the trophy presentation. Many in this section waited for it, but then left when they caught nothing but silence.

If I stayed home, I would have experienced everything.

Is that what this ownership wants???

I'm sure there is a happy medium for both sides all part of the growing pains of the new facilities, hopefully the management will get the sound levels corrected and your game day experience will be enjoyable for all Cat fans!!

I would agree with that, except that the same problem existed at Ivor Wynne for such a long time.

Outstanding, another complaining thread. :expressionless:

I like THF and loved Ivor Wynne.

But the overly loud volume is a HEALTH hazard, and not just an annoyance.

Those of us who value our hearing and our children's should be putting this "complaint" forward.

We are customers too.

I personaly find this to be the single greatest failing in the game day experience of all simply because it's so fixable. It is really annoying! Just turn it down please!

At the east final it was dangerously loud in our section on the upper west side. We told our ticket rep and he said they were hearing complaints and would do something about it.

I put last years problems down to teething troubles with the sound system. I hope they get it fixed for this year.

Yep. https://youtu.be/CWWDKZ-kydE

Ive always wondered if it is more the type of music that bothers some rather than the loudness.

My dad can listen to something from the 70's at full but anything above not audible will be way to loud to him if its music similar to what gets played at THF.

So i guess my question is. Would it be an issue if it was your genre of music. Not insinuating, just asking. I havent been in the upper levels to long ( im a big chicken when it comes to heights).

I like most genres of music so what they play isn't an issue. And I don't mind it loud in the right atmosphere.
The loudness at games is absolutely annoying. I can't even talk to someone sitting beside me without yelling. They also seem to play loud music when we're on offence and in the huddle and coming up to the line. Stupid. Do it when their offence is on the field. Someone needs to fix this THIS YEAR.

No Ryan not for me. It's the distraction of it. I like to be sociable, talk about the game with fans ask my guests if they would like anything that sort of thing. It's a pain in the arse that all my discourse and communications have to be over the level of concert speakers. It's tiring to be blasted with it when I'm trying to get into the gameday experience.

Shut up and take it... as always Grover.

When you see children covering their ears, they should just shut up and take it?

Parents worried about their children hearing, need to shut up and take it?

Grover you are what every business wants, someone who will shut up and take it?

Some of you people need to go to a Rock Concert , i say TURN IT LOUDER and Old Fan stay home its Fine the demand for tickets will mean if you are there or not your seat will be occupied LOVE THE MUSIC and im 50 :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

I was at the game last night and the music and the level of loudness of it was fine if you ask me. I also took a look around and didn't see one person with bleeding ears or children with their hands over them,crying because it was too LOUD. As a matter of fact I noticed quite a few kids in my section up and dancing and enjoying themselves to the music in between plays.Here's a few solutions for you if the music is bothering you so much #1: Stay home...#2: Invest in some ear plugs...#3: find a new sport that isn't so noisy like Tennis or Lawn bowling or golf and enjoy all the action in peace and quiet that these sports bring. :cowboy:

Up to the start of the game the music was way too loud, I couldn't talk to anyone around me without screaming.
I sit in the lower bowl of the West stands and if I looked behind and above me, there are a lot of speakers across the stadium all seemingly pointing directly down towards the field and the fans. Is it the same configuration in the east stands? Could be why some fans complain and others do not?

BOBO... where were your seats? If the music was not as loud, would this ruin your game experience? I think not.

I think this is what makes it unbearable at times. You would not be able to subject employees in any business to this type of hearing damaging noise. And no, my ears didn't bleed.

During the game I found that the music did not play as often (if at all between plays) and certainly not while our offence was on the field. Much, much better than last year.

I was at the game too, and the sound system was clear and sharp. Not too loud, and they did not play music once time was blown in. I remember the noise that they produced at Ivor Wynn and it was awful and took away from the game day experience. "I have just become a season ticket holder again and my experience at the game last night from sound, concessions, courteous and friendly staff was very enjoyable. :thup:

As a coincidence my seats are indeed in the east stands,lower bowl section 113,row 7 seats 7,8,9 around the 20 yd line. You could be onto something there Lenny,maybe it all depends indeed on where one's seat(s) are located in the stadium as to how much the levels and loudness are compared to other sections and if you are located in the West or East side stands. :? Maybe somebody else can elaborate on this ?

we have rules

' no complaining for 24 hours after a win'