Loucheiz Purifoy released by RedBlacks


  • International defensive back Loucheiz Purifoy (Florida)
  • International receiver R.J. Shelton (Michigan State)


Loucheiz Purifoy would be a huge add to our Defence!

He was a prize FA signing by OTT

But he wasn't playing up to that level. Seems he was getting beat two or three times a game. Not sure he'd be an upgrade over who we already have.

Looks by the press release that they are replacing him with Randall Evans who we let go. Interesting.

Not to mention the cap expense. Shedding underperforming salary. NFL cuts are coming and a team should have wiggle room

He was playing the same side of the field , same position as Breaux with the RB's . So simple answer to the "Do we need him , do we pick him up ? " question is simply No and No to both .

I think that Purifoy also played a little at SAM while in BC and once again the answer would be No considering how well Unamba has played there so far this season . In short Purifoy is a decent enough player but sorry Loucheiz but there doesn't seem to be any job openings here for you at the present time .

The only problem is Breaux signed for this year only. Somehow, I think he will be heading back to the NFL next year.

Apparently Denver wanted him this year, but he didn't pass their physical. Question is whether the reason was such that he'd be any more likely to pass next year, and whether all NFL teams use the same criteria.

That is what I don't understand. How does he fail a physical in Denver and pass one here? It just doesn't make sense. The last two injuries he had was a fractured fibula. It appears that has healed. The Patriots also gave him a look, maybe they didn't want to take a chance on him getting injured again.

8)Sooo, in other words we don't need this Purifoy guy at all then.

Ottawa replaces him with a guy we cut tells the whole story, doesn't it Johnny ?? LOL ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

Doesn't look like it. I still think Breaux looks south next season. Guys playing his position at a high level in the NFL are pulling in around $10mil per year. He could go a lot cheaper because of the injury history if he can pass a physical. He would be a solid pickup for an NFL team in need of a top end CB.

Purifoy plays either side CB, HB and SAM-LB, he is a hard hitter

He has been described as having a nose for the football and arriving with bad intentions.

If he signed he would be 3rd in tackles behind Dean(40) and Simoni(35) and just ahead of Daly(28 ).
The best part is it weakens the RB's Defence!

I can see him signing with the Arblows in 3.-2.-1. >:(

He does carry some baggage, but he won't play Breaux's position anyways

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Not surprising Ottawa released Loucheiz Purifoy. He appeared to be targeted quite a bit by opposition’s offence. And he also seemed to be susceptible to sideline nonsense, too.

I was reading a stat where our SAM was in the top 3 in the league for missed tackles

I think Unamba has played great at SAM.

Plus, remember, we still have Mariel Cooper, who can play SAM if Unamba gets injured. Cooper was supposed to start at SAM this year, but got injured in training camp, and Unamba played so well in Cooper's absence that they stuck with Unamba.

I can see him signing with the Arblows in 3.-2.-1. http://forums.cfl.ca/Smileys/default/angry.gif
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