Lou Gehrig's strikes Montreal Colourman Proudfoot


Tony Proudfoot, a key player in the Montreal Alouettes Grey Cup win in 1977 and a hero for his efforts during a Montreal tragedy last year, announced on Thursday he has been diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig's disease.

this man has Great Courage to Keep working and Help on Al's Broadcasts.


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Worst Headline Ever

Speaking as someone who's life was greatly affected by ALS, all I can say is, God's Speed Mr. Proudfoot.

It's a horrible disease that shuts down the body a little bit at a time but does not affect the mind at all. It is said the latter stages of the disease is like living in a glass coffin. The body has shut down but you are fully aware of what is happening. You can't move a mussel. Not so much as to blink your eyes.

Some people will succumb to ALS within a year of diagnosis's and others can live for years with it. There is no cure and no known cause for it.

It is truly horrendous.

This is from a summary of some of what happened last year at the Dawson College shootings in Montreal:

"Until that moment, Tony Proudfoot was best known as a former Canadian Football League defensive back, whose claim to fame was grabbing a staple gun before the 1977 Grey Cup championship game against Edmonton, and convincing his Montreal teammates that their best chance on the icy field was to fire staples into their broomball shoes for traction. The Alouettes won 41-7 and Proudfoot still has the staple gun.

On Wednesday, while ambulances were forbidden from attending to the wounded because of the danger of more sniper fire or stray bullets, Tony Proudfoot crouched behind a cop car that parked as a shield, heroically trying to save Kadhim's life, reassuring him.

A bullet had passed through his head and out through his neck.

Proudfoot applied pressure to stop his bleeding, until the paramedics arrived with a stretcher and hustled the victim to an ambulance. Then they worked on Catalin, who remains in critical condition.

Kadhim is still in intensive care, but is already joking with his friends."

This guy is a true hero.

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