#%$^#% Lotto Quebec

The CFL just announced a contest to have the 2017 tickets designed by fans
Open to all Canadians......Except Quebec
Because Lotto Quebec has to have its cut of everything

I have already voiced my opinion on Facebook I know its the fault of loto Quebec but I think we should let the league know our disgust at their decision


I wrote to them and voiced my disapointment

You can use my address if you want. It's been done before with cflpa contest

Is it “a cut”? I always thought the issue was Quebec’s stringent rules about contests … the hoops to jump through in advance and the potential for post-draw “investigations/actions” by LQ.

The contest holder has to pay 10% of the total value of the prize to Lotto Quebec. They say that it is to ensure that the contest is real and that winners actually get their prizes. That sounds like a good idea on the surface but…they could just as easily give a refund after proof that the prize was awarded…but we all know that its never going to happen

I have also heard that if a company wants to give away free samples they must pay lotto Quebec as well but I don’t know for sure

By the way
While we are talking about contests being real or fake…
Ya know those face book posts that say just click like and share and you could win a XXXXXX


[i]If Johnny's memory is correct, Quebec residents were also excluded from participating in the "Wendy's kick for a million" contest years ago.

Was this because of Lotto Québec also?[/i]

The Mob in QC wanted half your Baconator :oops:

That's because some idiot declared Quebec as a "distinct " society. You reap what you sow.

It was for the first year, maybe 2
Yes it was lotto Quebec

Uh! No!

If you had paid attention in school you would know that part of the agreement of confederation is that Quebec kept its civil code. You would also know that that “deal” is what prevented British colonists from being killed off by the Americans. You must be who Torontonians speak of…