Lots of time

The good news for the Lions is that they are having their troubles now and not a month from now. I believe Dickenson will heal and be in top form come playoff time, the kicking game will be solidified in time for the playoffs, and the defence (including the secondary) will be back in shape. That leaves the O-line...well, two out of three ain't bad. (Offensive lines seem to be the achilles heal of a few teams this year, the Eskimos have had their troubles too). So don't count out the Lions they have lots of time to right the ship, and thankfully they built up that big cushion early in the year.

I don't think anybody has conted the Lions out bt after the start they had and their sruggles now alot of people are wondering what has happened. And I think you are right. It is good that it is happening now with time to recover and things back in order. But BC is up against the hardest teams in the CFL for the rest of the season. The O-line needs alot of help or DD miht go down agains and their is a good chance it happens. The defense just needs to step up a little. Dave Ritchie has done good for them bt the have ahad a few bad games along with the rest of the team. I think they can easily recover from there mistakes. And offense well as soon as DD isback the offense will pick u. DD will hit and destroy teams with Simon, Clermont, and Thelwell. But untll DD is back they will struggle offesively. And defensively they are sound once the coverage problem is fixed. So I think BC can still rebound from their struggles as of late. But they gotta work on playing hard from first play to last play not 1st play to 2nd half.

its only a 4 point cushon now girls