Lots of tickets left for WF

Lots of tickets still available for Esks/Stamps matchup on Sunday. Just went online over lunch hour here on Thursday - and you can grab 10 seats in a row, Section F, Row 53, Seats 11-20 for $649 all in. ($55 per + surcharges etc). These are midfield, 50 yd line according to the seating chart and the virtual image provided via Ticketmaster.

C'mon 'Battle of Alberta' fans! Get off the couch on Sunday and sell the place out. It's just not the same from your living room. Support your teams and support our CFL.

Is it okay if I just use my season tickets on the 45 yard line?


Bring some friends. Lots of room yet.

I actually buy 9 season tickets (all totaled) and have four to “give away” for every game. Let’s us bring friends, family or new people to introduce to the game. I have one ticket left to give away for this game … probably going to bring my grandson.

I feel like I am already “doing my part” :wink: