Lots of talent on offence

I was quite impressed with some of ticats speed an athletes from some of the new guys and a few of the returning guys :

  1. B . Grant made at least 2 great catches and he has already received rave reviews in camp . This means they need to keep him around at least on the proactice roster .
    2 .T. Grant looked great again and he think he beats out Milner now as the backup
  2. Mcdaniel to me is still a good steady hands guy that they shoudl keep .
  3. Kelly is tall and had a great college career ..i would like to keep him
  4. Thigpen looked great again and if we can use his speed on offence we are in good shape
    6 .Chris Williams looked good but I thimk we can't keep everyone ...

Hopefully we can keep most of these guys and maybe a few on the PR

I would imagine that 2 of mcdaniel , williams , grant and kelly end up on the PR

Maybe there will be a few mysterious injuries .OR MAYBE A TRADE of Mann for a good DB ? .I can 't recall seeing so many weapons on specialty teams and offence
all these guys above and we haven't even mentioned BRUCE, GLENN, PORTER, COBOURNE .MANN, AND STALA ...

Any of DB's look good ? Carlos Thomas ? Francis ?

I see that Toney was removed from the game after too many receptions ....

Anyone get a good look at Young or LEE ?

  1. Putting McDaniel on the PR would be as good as releasing him, he would either decline it or be snatched away in about a day.

  2. I highly doubt Mann gets traded.

All in all, it's a good problem to have.

McDaniel Dropped too balls down the stretch last year Cut him

I agree with Onknight, McDaniels is the odd man out..


Thats the thing with McDaniel if you want him you basically need to keep him on your active roster because he wont want to go on PR and if you put him on the injured list your still paying his full salary. I do agree its a good problem to have though,

As for trading a receiver for a proven DB I was actually thinking this during the game last night. I'm still not sure if its a good idea but I really think we need to do something about our secondary.

Anyone get a good look at Young or LEE ?
LEE looked ok, But Young got beat badly on a AC pass.

The two Grants stood out to me. I hope they both stick! :thup:

Kelly is a big target too but I am starting to see a real ratio problem with all the guys we would like to keep.

McDaniel's TD catch was a nice come back across the body. It's hard to let go a guy who would have had over 1000 yards last year if he could have stayed healthy at the end. Another team will snatch him up in a minute if he is put on the PR or released.

If I were a GM I would wait for the Cat's cuts because there are going to be some real players let go due to ratio/cap/over abundance. Nice problem for US to have for a change.

I agree that we seem to still need one or two solid DB's.

LEE looked ok, But Young got beat badly on a AC pass.
The only times I even seem to notice a DB is when they do something great or they mess up. Not noticing a DB is a good thing, IMO, as it often means they’re covering well enough to prevent passes coming their way.

I noticed Young twice, once when he got beat (the play just before Toney got beat twice in a row), and once with a nice wrap-up tackle on a dump pass to prevent a first down.

I only remember noticing Lee once, when he came over to stop a deep ball when Rwabukamba got beat.

The secondary has me concerned. I hope early on that the front 7 can create enough chaos for the other team's offense to lighten the load back there until the DB's mesh as a unit.

The offense looks great! Based on the last game (exhibition, I know) there are a LOT of weapons for the OC and Glenn to choose from. The OL provided good protection for him.

Nice that the kicking game should not be a problem this year. The special teams look solid too!!

I'm excited about 2011!!! I just hope that the defensive backfield won't have me reaching for a sedative at game time..