Lots of Positives Tonight-- We'll get it DONE

Defensive Line played well and has signs of being a decent unit. They generated pressure, smashed up the Winnipeg O line.

Defensively we fell short, but that's due to the fact that we never make any interceptions and play too much zone defense and not enough blitzing.

Offensive Line looked decent for parts of the game, Winnipeg is a good front 4 so they are going to get pressure at some point.

Mcacalum is amazing, guy can punt, kick, sing, dance, he can do it all--

Listening to the POST GAME Lions show the Radio Crew is talking about WHAT i talked about 4 weeks ago and IDENTIFIED easily--

These are the guys who need to be replaced on this team--

Davis Sanchez- He had a great career, is a solid cover db and is really quick, but he was good in the early 2000's and was starting to exhibit signs of his best days being behind him in 2007 when Jason Tucker blew right by him when Sanchez was on Calgary. Sanchez is cheating RETIREMENT, but as I mentioned if someone is going to pay you 100 grand in this recession who is going to voluntarily walk away.

Ryan Philips- It looks like he is not wearing any pads or is he that skinny? Hard to have a Finesse defensive back, with CAM WAKE he looked amazing, as his lack of tackling was hidden by the fact that opposing Qb's had no time to set their feet and throw on us with WAKE rushing.

Dante Marsh- Nothing really negative to say other than he has to make some interceptions at some point and I wonder if we cant find a younger 25 year old STUD from the states.

Dobson Collins- He has speed, but he looks to be a guy who has questionable hands and doesent seem to catch in traffic really well. I think Stephen Black or Nick Moore are better options for sure.

Travis Lulay- I watched him enough at this point and can tell you I think overall LULAY is a good leader, is fairly good at not turnovers, but I have one major issue- ACCURACY--

Lulay missed Peterson on the deep corner with less than 3 minutes left- That was a THROW a PRO QB has to make. At empire vs Hamiton his deep shots are ending up out of bounds, he doesent have good DEEP TOUCH such as RICKY RAY does-
Lulay takes a little long to read the defense and does not THROW BEFORE THE CUTS of the receiver- Lulay needs to have PRE SNAP reads where he has an idea of the defense and where he might go with the ball? Ricky Ray, dickenson used to anticipate where to throw the ball and throw it as the Receiver makes his BREAK-- I have watched LULAY every snap and have noticed he hangs onto the ball too long--

Offensive Coordinator- Tried new things, looked like we are copying what CGY is doing with the Intellectually CHALLENGED HENRY BURRIS.

Please get this clown CHRIS BURNS off the air- He makes exuces for every single LIon coach. He makes reference to Wally being the winningest coach ever, but he is also the most LOSING coach of all time-

The crossing pattern that dobson Collins caught early in the game worked, and I am not sure why they didnt go back to that play- We used to run that play with CLERMONT- Where a player would run a long crosser across the field--

For those of you who were not aware CHRIS BURNS was a big part of the losing teams in Ottawa Rough Riders, I am not sure why this guy is on the radio? He knows absolutely nothing and sounds like such a Homer.

Overall once the scouting improves and this Neil Mcevoy scout is let go and ROY SHIVERS also is let go, BC will be back--

BC is actually a pretty good team, they had the CHANCE to win every single game except Edmonton all with a SEMI PRO secondary and a questionable QB that was heavily marketed by the CFl as a STAR player due to winning 3 games last season lol-

One trip to TEXAS and FLORIDA we will be back on TOP- We need young blood, we need to HIRE coaching staff or give someone who knows about Football to get our SCOUTING up to PRO level.

I am not sure where the Lions are finding these players from, but I can assure you that none of them are really any good-

We need PLAYMAKERS and we are not finding any playmakers--

Oh i forgot we signed another teams castoff TAD KORNEGAY while Bradley Robinson is available and young and can actually TACKLE and hit.

TIM BROWN looked good, Sean Gore is looking really good, Mcallum, JAMAL ROBERTSON showed some hard running and heart- keron played good along with Eliminean--
Coaches coached a good game, it was not the coaches fault, Wally did nothing wrong by gambling there, the IDENTITY of winners is to not play scared and GO FOR THE WIN-
You win your team over by SHOWING confidence and going for it--

Good job Wally, once our scoring gets up to par we will be a 11-7 next year.

My main concern with the LIons and the reason I post on this site is because I actually believe that in a landslide I understand this Lions team and personnel better than the actual Lions coaches do.

Being in the industry myself I have identified every single problem many weeek before the LIons seem to be aware of the problems.
I have identified all the weaker areas to which the LIONS seem oblivious to?
David Braley is the owner of 2 teams who are a comined 1-8- Both Argos and Lions have inexperienced QB's.

The rebuilding is so obvious and as I called Wally taking other teams castoffs he is doing the exact same thing-

Jerome Dennis, JR Ruffin, Tad Kornegay were all not WANTED by other Cfl teams, you dont get better taking other peoples castoffs- Perhaps you can RESSURRECT 1 player but you cannot build an entire secondary this way.

Lulay is everything you would WANT in a PRO QB except for the SIMPLE fact that he is not that accurate and is not picking up the READ progressions fast enough.

Whats amazing is that I could have told you in 1 week about the Lions glaring weaknesses and it will TAKE THE lions a season or a 0-5 start to realize that their personnel is completely not getting it done-

The Lions need HELP, they cannot scout players, they have no idea where to find secondary players, they are not well connected to american schools.

I send them a Tip about Bradley Robinson and I am not sure if they did anything-

350 players showed up for an OPEN tryout for the UFL destroyers, the league is suspended and 350 players stil showed up and according to my source a lot of players were from major schools.

Wake up LIons and get to FLORIDA and to TEXAS and find a secondary- If David Braley had any business sense or accountability he would demand an OPEN tryouts in Florida and Texas.

That is where the good players are-

"Dobson Collins- He has speed, but he looks to be a guy who has questionable hands and doesent seem to catch in traffic really well. I think Stephen Black or Nick Moore are better options for sure."

This guy came up absolutely flat tonight. I don't think he could have caught a beach ball!

"Travis Lulay- I watched him enough at this point and can tell you I think overall LULAY is a good leader, is fairly good at not turnovers, but I have one major issue- ACCURACY"

I don't agree. Look at his passing yards stats. He's even ahead of Calvillo! Lulay has played a total of 14 career games. Yes, he missed a couple of passes because of inaccuracy but did you not see that one particular pass that Simon grabbed? It was a bullet and on the money. I also wouldn't fault Lulay for the numerous dropped balls by Collins, Gore and sadly even Gerory. Also remember how many times Lulay was examining the tonsils of the guys who were sacking him. How many times was he sacked? 6? 8? I lost count. You can't be an accurate passer when you're running for your life or snorting turf while face down in the grass.

"BC is actually a pretty good team, they had the CHANCE to win every single game except Edmonton"

I couldn't agree more!

Hey Gridiron good post. your more reasonable when your not bashing Wally every sentence. I agree with most of what you said.

Losing is Losing, not the end of the world, Lions tried hard tonight and are competitive. They will come around eventually once the coaching changes are all completed--

However what I find completely unacceptable is this Chris Burns guy on the Team 1040--

He is advertising his REAL estate company on the team 1040- If anyone knows anyone who wants a HOME in the Fraser Valley please call me and starts advertising his Real estate site--

Can he not afford to pay for real Commercial time? This is beyond UNPROFESSIONAL- Why not have Lions players advertising their personal training side businesses?
Burns knows nothing, he was trying to SAY BC DEFENSE is good and NO players need to be replaced- I love FARHAN LALJI calling out Davis Sanchez out on the AIR--

As I pointed out many times I understand that the cost of living is HIGH in BC but it would BE NICE for the ORGANIZATION actually care about football--

Imagine a real PROUD organziation like SASKATCHEWAN after a loss going 0-5- I am sure a former player is not going to ADVERTISE his real estate ON the air while he is a GUEST talking about football--

WHat kind of team does that? Losing is acceptable but this ridiculous advertising on AIR is completely unprofeesional.

This is football, not a real estate site , I have never seen anything more ridicuous in sports----

Chris Burns is receiving FREE air time to advertise his real estate company, in RETURN he is DEFENDING every single LION player, coach, gm, owner, from the ANGRY FANS-- It works like that, he defends the team and sounds completely lost and makes exuces for everyone and he receives free AIR TIME--

Lets focus on FOOTBALL, if we want someone on the AIR bring on DAVID BENNEFIELD, I can assure he wont be advertising his personal training on the air-- Get someone on the AIR who doesent have obvious business interests--

Its things like this that are RUINING the LIONS-- Braley put a stop to this nonsense-- FYI Chris Burns was part of the Ottawa Rough Riders who were one of the worst CFL teams in history, at least bring in a Good player who played on a winning team-
OUr whole organization is starting to get the LOSING CULTURE from all the way to the TOP to the bottom.

Beagelhound you are correct about LULAY- I was just being extremely CRITICAL from a quarterbacking fundamental level. Its defintely something Lulay can improve upon.

I hope LULAY is allowed to play under a new offensive system and coordinator and COACH to see if he can reach his potential. Its hard to properly evaluate LULAY because the team is not performing as a UNIT--

One positive is that LULAY is a BORN leader with good TRAITS, he wants to WIN, is professional, is FOCUSSED, and is WILLING TO WIN AND GET BETTER--

Truth be told if we had 25 or so LULAY's on our team, we would be Grey Cup champions, as Lulay has a lot of positive attributes that can spread on to other players--
Give LULAY a top 2 defense in the CFL and a good running back, and a defense that gives him short field and a coaching staff that out coaches the opposition.

This is football, not a real estate site , I have never seen anything more ridicuous in sports----by Gridiron

Gridiron~ Unfortunately I missed the post game show but keeping in tune with what you are saying I don’t bother listening to the play by play because it is " He’s down to the Chevrolet 25"…or I’ll hear, “It’s another Speedy Muffler first down”… or " he needs to make it to at least the Remax 40 yard line". Duh! The subliminal crappola really gets to me and it has taken all of the fun of out of listening to the play by play commentary.

As far as Burns advertising his own website is concerned I guess if he’s paying for the advertising then he’s allowed to do it. I’ll have to listen sometime.

You guys are sounding like the Winnipeg fans were last year. “Our players are doing get, they just can’t get there.” “Wpg is the best stat team around, it just doesn’t show on the scoreboard” “We were so close, we just can’t close.”
Well, at least you have next year to look forward to, like we have this year!

Beaglehound Chris Burns was part of the post game PANEL that was taking calls. Burns is responding to irate callers, he is brought in as part of the post game lions show radio crew- He advertises after some caller calls out the LIons--

I have no issue with proper advertising but not when you are part of the LIONS post game radio crew -- Business is separate from football and the 2 should not be combined in that he is part of the team 1040 crew--

Imagine a former player coming on the radio to answer calls from FANS and then SELF PROMOTE homes for sale in the Fraser Valley? Sorry its the WRONG time and PLACE for that nonsense--

I have no issues with any advertising on the field or on jerseys or sidelines or goal posts as FOOTBALL is a business and NEEDS sponsors such as WENDYS to sponsor the CFL-- However CHRIS BURNS is an INDIVIDUAL who is SELF PROMOTING his own personal real estate business and taking calls from irate callers--

i wont bring this up again, it is disgusting and I am really upset at the LIONS for allowing this to happen--

The entire league should be scared, we are pretty much tied with every team late in the 4th qtr of games despite having a less talented roster than our opponents.

Once we rebuild and get the right players in here, you are going to see a YOUNG team come together and start to get really good--

Eric Tillman has the RECIPE to rebuild a team- Tillman from his Ottawa days is a simple analystical mind who makes smart decisions--

Look at the TILLMAN blueprint---

Step 1- Get rid of import veterans making over 100K- He got rid of Mo Lloyd, Kelly Campbell-

Step 2- Upgrade Canadian Talent by trades, draft, waivers- Picked up Messam, Chris Bauman, Nate Coehorn Draft-

Step 3- Brings in dynamic players from major schools in States such as BRANDON James from Florida Gators- Jason Armstead from Missippi with Ottawa, Weston Dressler- Has brought countless good defensive stars in CFL such as John Grace, Lance Frazier, the Edmonton secondary, John Chick, Steve Baggs, Korey Banks Ottawa, Kerry Joseph-

Step 4- Brings in good linebackers in Ottawa, Sask and Edmonton- John Grace, Rey Williams, Jc Sherrit now with Edmonton-
beings in good defensive backs who can cover also--

STEP 5- Then hire a COMPETENT COACH and hire 2 good coordinators WHO ARE YOUNG and IN TOUCH with the game---

SASK he hired LAPOLICE as offensive coordinator- Marcus Crandell as offensive coordinator in Edmonton, Rich Stubler now Defensive coordinator- Ritchie Hall in SASK when they were good--

This is the RECIPE that a GM needs to REBUILD a team-- Now to be fair I believe that Wally deserves some criticism as he has DONE nothing in the 5 step TILLMAN REBUILDING PROCESS--

I have taken a lot of slack on this forum, but just because someone is posting on a board they should not be taken as not being CREDIBLE and not having the answers. Keep an open mind and I am trying to point out things well in advance that could help the team- I spoke with Tillman while he is in Ottawa, learned a lot from him and with his approach in recruiting players and his philosophies--

He single handedly made one of the worst teams respectable, if not for the BAD ownership that Ottawa team would have risen to be one of the leagues best young teams --

A rebuild is our only solution, if we sacrifice this season we could have a SHOT at a 1 year turnaround next season--

WHAT??? Even Geroy??? Geroy Was GREAT Tonight!!! A FANTASTIC “One Handed” Catch That Set Up The Touchdown! LOSER lulay OVERTHREW Him On That Pass Too! lulay SUCKS Pure And Simple!!!

LULAY's Future as a CFL QB will HINGE on his ACCURACY-- If it can be improved he will be our Long term starter--

If he cannot improve his Accuracy he will find himself out of the CFL or a backup carreer QB--

If you ask me personally I think Lulay is not a NATURALLY accurate QB without a LOT of TOUCH on his deep balls, He throws with a lot of velocity and does not seem to have that natural ability to place deeper balls vs the secondary--

I have been scouting LULAY at home games, and noticed this issue with his deeper passes--

Accuracy will be LULAY's kryptonite if he cannot fix it fast-

Just watched and made some notes on the game film which I have watched 3 to 4 times. Some MAJOR positives to draw upon tonight.

The teams COMPETE factor was 100% tonight. Even in defeat and on the end of losing plays the Lions players COMPETED. I could see it early in the trenches that the Lions meant Business with that Kalif Barnes tearing up the Winnipeg O line into shreds--

Even Davis Sanchez who is getting beat a lot was really hustling on his plays and perhaps was the victim of being UNFAMILIAR with the CORRECT ANGLES needed to play safety being that SANCHEZ was a WIDESIDE Corner in which the ANGLES are all vertical as opposed to the safety position which relies on a lot of 45 degree movement.

Sanchez looked bad not being able to make the tackle on Clarence Denmarks 70 yard touchdown on the deep corner. Sanchez diagnosed the play correctly but was unable to make the tackle as he made an error in his angle to the play and subsequently DOVE for Denmark and missed him. Anytime a player dives it looks bad in football, it looks like you were burned badly. Making matters further worse for Sanchez is the fact that he is a smaller guy making his dives appear all the more possible that he is actually slow and burned worse than a taller play diving and missing. (tall vs short advantages)

Here is what happened-

Sanchez did not diagnose the play right off the snap, but he was in the middle of the field. Sanchez saw the ball thrown deep and started to run to the sidelines to make a play and when he did this he fell victim to a PERFECLY EXECUTED THROW and CATCH and RUN--
Both Ruffin and Sanchez were within 1 and 4 yards away from Denmark but Denmark was running full speed and Buck threw a perfect Corner route and Ruffin had good coverage but Denmark EXPLODED at the last second to burst past Ruffin to catch the ball and turned the corner IN PERFECT STRIDE and proceeded to run straight to the end zone- There was nothing that either Ruffin or Sanchez could have done on the play, Pierce and Winnipeg executed a PERFECT PASS COMPLETION TOUCHDOWN PASS that beat 2 of our Defenders as the BALL was in the perfect SPOT. When you can do that its usually a touchdown-

That was actually good coverage by both Sanchex and Ruffin on the play but a better play was made by WINNIPEG--

"WHAT???????? Even Geroy??? Geroy Was GREAT Tonight!!!!!! A FANTASTIC "One Handed" Catch That Set Up The Touchdown! LOSER lulay OVERTHREW Him On That Pass Too! lulay SUCKS Pure And Simple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" by Tyron Martin

You're taking my comment about Geroy out of context. Yes, Geroy played well against the Bombers but I'm talking about the entire season. There were numerous catchable balls that Geroy has dropped and he knew it. He's not perfect. You can't keep pinning it all on Lulay. We'll just have to agree to disagree about Lulay. Right now he's the best B.C. has got. Just try to remember that the QB does not win games all by himself. He can blow passes, he can fumble the ball yes and Lulay in the past has actually blown games all by himself but I've also seen Lulay scramble and make good yardage. I've seen him play with heart. I've seen him avoid being sacked where other QBs would have been dropped. Give the guy some credit. I've seen him serve a pass on a silver platter only to see the receiver drop it. In the end dropped balls go against the QBs stats for completions vs incompletions. No one sees why the passes went incomplete unless they saw the game.

Enjoy it while you can duchkal, just stop gloating. With Buck Pierce at the helm the Bombers fortunes may continue. If he goes down, I don't think Brink can do it for the Bombers- not consistently. Pierce was already taken out of the game the other night and if the Bombers had been playing Edmonton or Calgary I think they would have lost. I'm not sure what his status is but time will tell.

It's good to see the Bombers doing so well. They need it. I remember that season when they won only a single game all year. I hope the Lions aren't headed for that demise.