Lots of positives from the Eskies/Lions game

Tough to take a loss like that; for the players, coaches, fans and above all for Lulay. But lot's of positives to take from the game and build on.

  1. With Jordan cut it looks like Davis is going to fit in very nicely as a kick returner
  2. Robertson has got what it takes to blow a play wide open AND he didn't fumble once!
  3. Good to see Paris Jackson utilized and be effective
  4. Despite adversity Lulay I believe is a keeper AND he is at least healthy!
  5. Lions played with more discipline [no roughing the kicker, fewer off-sides on 2nd and long for the opposition]
  6. D is a real plus and continues to play strong.
  7. O line gave Lulay more time this game
  8. Arceneaux bounced back from his brain cramp last week. That was good to see.
  9. Banks continues to be a serious threat.

If the Esks can bounce back from 4 straight losses so can the Lions!

it is good to be as positive as possible, but i think know the Lions are at best a third place team or cross over team when they are playing there best, unless they win 10-11 games out of 13 left, they will end up at the cross over or third place at the most.

i know for a fact that they will be a force again one year, but until they re gut this team from coaches on down they will just remain the mediocre team they are know.

There is a positive to take from just about any game. In this case, the negatives FAR outweigh the positives.

There are some comments I can agree with you about Grims but I can't agree that the negatives "FAR" outweigh the positives in the last game. It's just one's perspective I suppose. One can just as easily say that there is something negative to take from just about every game regardless of the outcome. So it's six of one, half dozen of the other. Had the Lions won we would still have "concerns" and be able to point out the negs. The question in my mind is, did they play well enough to win? I believe they did. Can they play better? Sure they can. Can they compete in this league? Sure they can. Have they been reduced to a shadow of what they once were? I don't think so. I certainly don't think they are where Hamilton was for the last number of years. The last 3 games could have gone in the Lions favor, that is how close they were. And had they, they would be sitting on top of the west. Unfortunately, close games can be decided on just one or two plays in the closing minutes. And that's what we've seen. The last 3 games have been lost by a lousy 11 points! All 3 games were each lost by less than a TD. None of them were blowouts. Maybe that is why I'm feeling positive. Compared to what happened in Toronto, the Lions made some significant corrections. They did not win. All the more reason why the loss stings.

Defense is still strong.
Lulay has a bright future.

It’s the offense the big problem though. Not threatening enough and the O-line blows.