Lots of empty seats in lower deck at BC Place???????????


Lots of empty seats in the lower deck last night at BC Place?????????
Have the faithful given up on their beloved Leos after one loss - now two???? :lol:
What is up????????????

Riders Rule
Leos Drool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The BUCK STOPS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:

We had 31,500 fans. I thought the attendance was pretty good, and the stadium was loud. Not sure what you're bitching about.

Honestly, on t.v. it looked like a ton of empty seats. Ask the others on this site who watched the game on t.v. I did not hear the attendance so thanks for updating us on that. I understand that if the lower deck is full is seats 30,000. Honestly is looked half full even the seats from the 20 yard line to centre field there appeared to be many empty!!

I was at the game. One endzone had some empty seats, one was full, and the upper deck had a few thousand in it too. I thought the crowd was pretty good last night and was loud when the Lions were on defence. We got some good chants and cheers going and all in all I liked the atmosphere. Lions are averaging over 30,000 this season, second most in the CFL. If you want to complain about empty seats, you should probably look elsewhere.

There were only 200 less at last night's game than there were at the Rider game...so it seems that the turkey is up to his usual shenanigans.

Not the worst of times in BC attendance wise.

Typical, BC'ers patting themselves on the back for a job well done. Hows that sound system doing? Member when you piped in crowd noise to beat the Riders?

If you cant win straigh, cheat. Right BC? I hope ur sons and daughters integrity doesnt suffer at the hands of their cheating parents.

If Barry deserves an asterisk, your organization deserves to have one as well.


I needed a great laugh today, thanks for providing it.

that's because they opened more seating in the upper deck this year two years ago they had it closed off.

hey if you're not cheatin' you're not tryin' just like glen suitor says.

Just because Sask's stadium has never been that loud doesn't mean it was cheating. That's what happens when you put 50,000+ people in a dome, it gets ridiculously loud. The Riders couldn't deal with it, and proceeded to lose by 30+ points.

When are you talking about, exactly?

So if 50,000 make so much noise, Why did they feel the need to pipe in more noise through the sound systems?

Can anyone back me up here??? Keep in mind the club reflects the fans and the fans reflect the club.

I'd love to able to remember but I cant recall the game or even the year. I omit disgusting happenings from my indepth memory. That was grounds for fighting. Seriously. But we as we always will be were the bigger man and accepted it. Like in the case of the game where the lights went out at BC place just as the Riders were turning the momentum. Or the time you took a half hour break to honor good ol' Lui Passaglia, once again during a Rider rally and then rubbed salt on our wounds cheekily tossing Lui a TD pass.

I may as well mention a cplay that was within the rules that permanantly hurts to watch. Tyronne Williams catching that TD. See BC...you can have some fun while winning fairly!

Ya its gone. Buts its not forgotten and the day I pay a dollar to see a game in that cold eyesore of a building will be a cold day in hell. Cudos to the good BC people who dont show up and watch these displays of the poorest sportsmanship. And to the displaced Rider and other CFL team fans that have the pleasure of living in the greatest city in the world with the worst sports fans...

Do NOT be mistaken, I love Regina. Of course I love Vancouver.

But what happened to the days when men on both sides of the ball clashed together on the field and the best team won? My dad talks about living in Van. in 54' and being so proud at those early games.
There is a lesson in pride and sportsmanship every other weekend in Regina with an open invitation.

Lions Roar in 54'!!! Thats what we need not some fanatics who figure its cool to increase decibel levels through artificial means at the cost of losing to a BETTER team.

OK Rider fans...I appologise if Ive offended you but Im a little sour grapes when it comes to cheaters. Anyone happen to know which games these were?


When did this happen? I remember the Riders complaining that they couldn't deal with the noise in the Dome, but if you were there (like I was) you would know that that was one of the loudest sporting events this beautiful Province has ever witnessed. What is with you ro1313? It seems like you just have a chip in your shoulder or have it in for the Lions. Sour grapes.

Time to grow up.

Pass the crackpipe...

I'll assume you didn't see my comment asking for clarification, RLR, and will ask you again....when was this game you referred to earlier?

Actually, the game where they piped in crowd noise was quite a few years ago, when attendance in BC place wasnt as good as it is now. The CFL seems to be enjoying a renewed popularity, so why not just leave it at that?

Well then what would turkeybend do to rile everyone?

Sambo is correct. Back in the late 90's when Pezzim owned the team, there was about 16,000 fans at the game. At one point it became so loud, yet as I looked around, nobody was standing and clapping. It was pretty funny at the time.

However, I can say over the last few years, it has become legitimately noisy with all the people there.

And, one last thing, to the poster that doesn't like BC Place. Jump into my time machine, and I'll take you back to Empire Stadium. Where pidgeon poop rained down from the rafters, Hard mouldy benches to sit on, cockroaches jumping at you from the urinal......you'll beg me to come back to BC Place! :wink:

Sorry if you cant take a simple question involving the lions...If you think the lions are God's gift to the CFL....it's time for you to grow up!