Lots from the Commissioner on this latest Canada Press Article

From the Canadian Press - they keep saying last year of TV contract so that must be an error. I wish they would post their name so we can see what idiot writes this stuff.

He is saying he may have something to say soon about the TV deal. Said TV viewership on TSN down. CFL streaming up 25%, TSN streaming of games up 52%.
quoted some of it. 7 million impressions on TSN’s social media. Debt is the issue with the Al’s which we all had an idea about. Here is a quote from the article and the link below.

"Another concernisthe CFL’s television numbers.Games are averaging 482,000 viewers, anine per cent drop, in the final year of the deal with TSN.
ButTSN has seen anincrease in CFL viewing across its digital platforms.Streaming video starts forgames are up 25 per cent while those byTSN Direct subscribers haveincreased52 per cent.
The league continuesto drive strong engagement on TSN’s social media platforms. There’s been over sevenmillion impressions on the broadcaster’sCFL content and more thantwomillion views of leaguevideos onitsInstagram account.
“It (TV deal)has been under discussion,” Ambrosie said. “I think we’ll have something very positive to say on that before too long.”


Dan Ralph, Canadian Press
Bottom of the article

Hope they get a new broadcaster or give TSN a kick in the head. For years they were the gold standard for CFL but now I would trust them with a PeeWee flag football game.

I like that the CFL recognizes that they have a ratings and programming problem, and though they don’t point it out, TSN in fact is much of the blame. They are the only firm to have media rights to CFL video after all.

And now the league will do something about it, and though they don’t say it below, they need not give TSN all the streaming rights any more. There is some feedback on that point in the scheduling and streaming threads.

That Thursday night abomination was evidence how badly TSN has run its production into the ground, and thankfully that’s not yet the rest of the CFL programming though they continue to stick the games on the wrong TSN channels for some of the provinces and also screwed up the scheduling.

Now TSN either can measure up and make vast improvements and listen to the league more on scheduling and coverage, or they can get lost as far as I’m concerned.

After the first Thursday in August or so, get my games back on Friday and Saturday nights and on Sundays, including four this weekend not three you TSN bums, or get lost for all I care.

Dude, I recommend you step away from the TV and the keypad for a while. You are way too hostile about this.

My biggest problem is i go to PVR a game because i wont be home and they change the tsn channel on me and now i have tennis and the end of a football game. Or nothing at all. Which tsn channel on the shaw guide should i follow to pvr? … First world problems i know but still what the heck man

Anyone complaining too much about TSN would do well to remember what it was like before they held the exclusive TV rights.

Not all games were televised. CBC would pick & choose which games they were going to cover. If that didn’t include your team’s away game, too bad for you. You could always listen on radio (!!). How many people would choose that option these days? Not many, & 0 millennials.

TSN has its issues, but people advocating their removal should not take for granted the fact that they have provided priority (for the most part) to the league. I would never want to go back to the way it was before.

Agree 100%. I have my issues with TSN but by no means do I want them out.

We know where to find the games, when they’re on, and what the production will be like. Those are positives.

Want proof? MLB playoff games on FS1, where nobody can find them.


Hostile? Nah. Simply no sugar-coating or acceptance of mediocrity at best including from its ESPN part-owner down here in the US.

Those are first world problems easily fixed there by TSN or they can lose out to streams elsewhere where such would be no longer a modern and unnecessary problem.

Other sports leagues don’t have this problem either. Again - TSN.

Agreed on FS1 - how do you feel about paying more now for less performance from TSN though?

Don’t give them a pass. They have the means to improve as a business, or there is the door with more of the same underperformance as the league is recognizing openly now.

No doubt TSN helped grow the CFL product over the past 20 years, but looking beyond TSN for broadcast partners now does not necessarily mean a return to the way it was before TSN.

Times have changed for the league and for sports broadcasting. Has TSN done enough to keep up with those changes, or would the league now be better served with another partner(s)?

I don’t think the league would be better served with another partner because frankly there isn’t one. A game of the week on Sportsnet has been rumoured but I would be very reluctant to allow Rogers anywhere near anything associated with Canadian sport.

TSN just has to up their game technologically, add some more camera angles, tighten their shots, pick out the engaged people in the stands for reaction shots. It’s not rocket science, they’ve just become complacent.

TBH, I don’t have a lot of complaints with TSN’s production values. But I think opening up the broadcast rights to bidding from Sportsnet, Shaw, CBC, DAZN, etc. could be one way to pressure TSN to up their game.

Agree with Dave. There is no competition for TSN and with no competition no incentive to improve or even fix the problems they have. If there was someone knocking at the door to take the league you can bet TSN would be far more receptive to complaints and faster with corrections.

Complacency cost them NHL rights and I doubt that will happen again.

Unfortunately i AM considered a millenial. And yes i do listen to ckrm online of the rider games from time to time. Some games i prefer to watch as i can then see what i want to. - Just sayin’…

I would imagine however for the most part you are correct.

Like a few others, I have said for years how the league’s failure to have a proper bidding process involving other providers in new TV contracts has left money on the table.
Not to mention if staying with TSN, there has to bee an immediate correction of getting the playoffs and GC games on the CTV side.
Every CTV/TSN property has had the main network show the playoffs and championship game…except CFL?

The best scenario would likely be a shared agreement with TSN and Sportsnet. I don’t know much about how Global/Corus/Shaw operate but CBC is out of the pro sports business.

It’s not just about money it’s about exposure, which is why DAZN (at this point) would be a mistake. The NHL never recovered from leaving ESPN for SportsChannel America (for more money)

We’re at a strange point where not having an OTA outlet is hurting the league by being on cable and yet streaming numbers are increasing rapidly. It’s gonna be a tough decision.

This. My only real issue with TSN production is the constant cutting away from the game for sideline interviews, resulting in missed plays. Oh, and Rod Black of course

Outside of production, the channel jumping is a pain for pvr’ing games. I usually record a couple of TSN channels simultaneously

Still, massive improvement from before they got the rights.