Lot J....... what's going on??!!

Spoke to my rep today, and still no word on wheather or not Lot J(Scott park field) will be used as our parking/tailgate lot. In recent years, the passes were sold far before Christmas. What is the hold up? I know the school is up for sale, but I don't think it affects the field?
Tailgating in this spot means quite a lot to many fans such as myself! We have all come to know each other well, and made quite a number of friendships along the way. This is our game day experience!! Any word at all??

Not allowed to tailgate in Ontario, the Police are very strict, try western New York :wink:

ah, ive been tailgating there for last 8 years,,,,behave and use plastic cups the cops will leave u alone

what did your rep say ? don't leave us hanging :roll:

I thought it was assumed there would be no more tail gating. I thought they were also turning the lot into soccer fields. Can't realistically have cars parking on soccer fields.

BoxJBoys on twitter said something about not being able to wait for tailgating. I responded saying I didn't think there was a spot any more, no response yet.