Lot J Scott Park Update


Sorta looks like a construction site to me?

I guess those pics explain why Lot J - which used to be Tailgate Central - was not offered as a Season parking spot this season which some posters had questioned here in another thread.

You seem to think these pictures will deter people from insisting they should still be able to park there. You're very optimistic. :lol: (laughing only because we don't have a "head pounding against the wall" emoji)

they should open it up on game day and allow us in...

we could sit and drink beer in the sewer pipes :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Perfect, as you only rent beer. Having the sewer pipes so convenient would be very handy. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Those orange things below grade and parallel. Water tanks? Geothermal maybe? Anyone know?

here ya go :lol: …

What do ya mean we can’t tailgate in here ??? :cowboy:

This is the Question i thought would be first as Ive never seen this type of thing before, I can try a guess I feel it has something to do with drainage but a guy in this type of work would know be nice to truly know what they are

I'm not an expert by any means, but geothermal is a vertical shaft going down a couple of hundred feet. These orange things don't do that.



For those wondering, the orange things are for used to manage stormwater runoff.

Nice find as i figured it had somethign to do with drainage :slight_smile:

Scott Park is good to go! I was down there today and theres lots of room and access forMondays tailgate, see you there! Lots of cold beer and bar-b-que!

Huh? You're joking right? Do you not see the picture above of the giant hole in the ground?

scott park site is under construction for the new school and rec centre.

so NO tailgating is not an option there anymore.

dont worry hes trolling he cant admit hes wrong so hes trying to be funny smh

I'm not wrong EE17, the school is not built and the tailgating continues! I think your confused again!

Lot J was awesome! About 30 of us bar- b qued and tossed the ball around and drank more than a few beers for hours! When the final touches are done and everyone moves back it will be epic!