They Lost again. Stop doing this to me bombers once again you lose by 2 first from hamilton now saskatchewan. They were doing good in the first half then they blew it. Glenn was Good same with roberts. Stegal good, stokes good, great field goal return. Brazzel good. Could of done better. We need a week off to res. Ok now we are 3-9. We are out of the playoffs right now. Inless we beat ottawa montreal BC edmonton and calgary. Hope all of those teams good guys get injured. If we work hard anough we can make it.

BlueBomberBoy :roll:

how bout putting Nealon Greene in there for not starting

I too picked Crandell, the old fellow isnt flashy but he hasnt turned the ball over and seems to be able to get points when you need them most...

glenn looked bad again. his numbers were okay in the first half but he needs his receivers to work hard for his passes. usually they are underthrown so the receivers ned to fight for the ball. with the occasional overthow just for fun. and talk about wobbly passes. i don't blame him for the loss but he is not improving. he is the same now as when he started last year. i beleve this is what he is. a really decent backup or a poor starter. wynn better get healthy in the offseason or we need to hope michna is something special.

and again stoddard is sadly underutilized