I guess it loos like morealle wont be rejoining the ticat squad again this year ):
i really liked him, but i guess everything must come to an end,
good luck to him in the future.
what are your feelings on this?

Fact or fiction?

Do you have a link?

but i emailed bob young,
and all he said was he wasnt suprised that they havent resigned him, and he cant play as well anymore.
i think he could.
but there is still hope.

shouldnt you leave your messeges private?

It would seem to me that you should keep such things private and secondly Mr. Young should keep those things to himself.

I'd also like to point out that Bob Young has no interaction with the football side of this organization anymore, and would be able to only offer his opinion and not an actual answer. I suspect Mike won't be around this year either, he's given us many years of greatness & he's a great guy on and off the field, but I think the majority of people realize he's getting older, and should either be slowing it down, or hangin'em up.

Yeah i dont think bob young wants you talking for him. also i would like to see mike back as much as the next but it would have to be in a reduced capacity.

I'm sure we can find someone as good if not better then Morreale. He has without a doubt lost a step and with Brock Ralph, Ian Fleming and Ivan Birungi we have a lot depth for CDN receivers, If we were to add Thelwell that would without a doubt spell the end of #18 in Hamilton.

There seems to be alot of talk about Morreale slowing down or losing a step. But he was never very fast anyway. In fact, he admits that himself. Plus as a slotback, he doesn't need to be very fast. His job was to go across the middle and snag the quick passes. And for the most part he's been doing that (when the offensive co-ordinators put him into the game).

Personally I'd like to see him stay for another year provided they use him effectively. Could we not use both Morreale and Holmes at slot?

the ticats will go 0-16

the ticat are look like the roof of BC place.

Must be Groundhog Day to be re-living the days of a 16 game schedule eh? :wink:

Bill Murray would love this.....

(hilarious movie by the way) :lol:

McMahon - is that you again? There is no evidence of this fiction on tsn.ca

Go away...back in your kennel, dog2.

what the.

thats weird since they play 18 games...
what about the other 2?

dog2 figures they will just dog the last 2.