Lost posts???

Has anyone else experienced "lost posts"? I posted an entry in one of the threads but it doesn't seem to be anywhere and it's not the first time it's happened.

Am I the victim of a computer glitch or did a moderator find cause to delete?

Did you try hitting refresh after your post?

Did you click on your username and then 'search username's posts?

sometimes they combine threads too and it can be hard to find a post from before. But it cleans up the double threads

No, I hit submit and then I got the screen that said my post had been entered successfully.

All I said in the post was, where does the team go from here? From what I saw of the game today, perhaps Printers, Miles and possibly Tre Smith were expendable. ??? Was that overly critical????

maybe you had to enter it again or something? sometimes you have to enter them twice if another post is entered after you start to write yours. Other than that I dont see why and I doubt that those comments would be deleted.

I wish more of your posts got lost.