Lost Phone

Hey all, does anyone know a way to contact Tim Hortons Field staff to see if a phone was found and handed in?

Was a black Samsung S6 with a black/brass SPIGEN case on it. Any help would be appreciated

Can't you just call your number? I don't have one, and don't know, so am not trying to be a jerk, but if someone did pick it up, they just might respond favourably?

At least if it was a referee's phone it would keep track of the number of missed calls he had during the game. 8)

Excellent! Love it!! :lol: :lol:

I'd try phoning the Ticats office and seeing if they know who you should contact.

Once upon a time, someone called me on my "home" number in my address book in my cell phone. I didn't even know the phone was missing. I met him and gave him a $20.00 reward for the phone.


Trying phoning the number and see who picks up. That's what detectives do on The First 48. Maybe a murderer will pick up. Oh wait that's the show. Apparently my wife thinks I'm a weird man. If you can't laugh you'll friggin cry. Why I ditched my phone from Rogers, plus it was Rogers who sucks arse.

Sadly the phone was dead, which is why I did not think to check for it when I left. Thanks all for the help.