Lost in the Shuffle

Haven't seen any posts about Wake but he deserves Kudos. 5 sacks and a forced fumble? Might be the best individual defensive performance I've seen in a playoff game.

Thought it was 4?

No doubt he was a machine out there. I know I would take him on my team any day. Although I am not sure I want to replace perry or chick.

Wake was a force for the Lions allright, but how about Reggie Hunt? My vote was for him for warrior of the game, not Joseph.

.....how about the much maligned Troy Westwood in the east final.....kicked the hell out of the ball...and the Argos...Pinballs reaction was....where did this guy come from...lol Westy should be all revved up for the BANJO BOWL 2...i know the Rider fans will love to see Troy giving that little extra for the Big Game... :lol:

maybe when the bombers lose he willfinnaly cut off that "banjo picking" braid of his.

....see it has started already.... :lol: :lol:plunk...plunk...plunk...

I like how Westwood got in that guys face during the game!! I thought he was gonna swing his head and take out an eye with that rat tail :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe Troy should try a pigtail look... :lol: :lol:

I must admit ever since the "you know who's" have disappeared from this site there have been some pretty hilarious posts ... Its kinda enjoyable being on here again :thup:

Did I miss a coup?