Lost Hamilton Tigers Jersey found?

This article does a good job detailing the background. But basically this is considered one of the holy grails of sport. It's been said that when the Jersey is found, the curse would be lifted and the Tigers would return to their rightful place in the NHL.

I'm not sure about that, would be great to happen, but it's a great story none the less!

With a little tweaking an a modern update, could work very well as an NHL jersey. Too bad Bettman and Jacobs won't let Hamilton into the old boys club.

Or the Maple Leafs or the Sabres

Yah I have to agree it's geography that is hurting any Hamilton NHL bid . Just too close to two established NHL teams .

I think it's more the idemdefication fee. If someone was willing to pay what buffalo and toronto wanted, there would have been a team here a long time ago.

With Rogers and bell owning mlse, probably the best time to get a team here, more content.

I've always thought a creative solution could work, instead of idemdefication, pay buffalo and MLSE say, 2% of profit from the Hamilton team for 30 years. That would have to be an attractive offer.

I've stopped giving mlse my money for the very fact they've blocked Hamilton. If onlythe rest of southern Ontario could figure they out.

Funny timing, word has surfaced that the Palettas of Burlington have been in talks with the NHL. At the same time, Carmen's group has partnered with oak view group to tryand getthe copps management contract. Seems like somethingis afoot, though who knows what the odds are.

The original article was published back in May, no word since then. Does anyone know anything about who at Clublink has the jersey?

I cant believe they actually had the jersey and let it out of their sight! Pritchard should have been allowed to take it to the HHOF for verification.