lost game tickets.

Well their may be 2 less going to the BC vs Sask game on Sat after watching the Esks game I went looking for my Tickets my wife thinks she Tossed them out with the Recycling :x :x :x Has this ever happened to anybody before, any way of getting the Tickets reprinted or am I SOL. they were 2 three game packs all gone.

I think if they are sold by credit card something can be done, best call

That's funny. :twisted:

if you did lose them and you bought them from the bc lions you can phone them and they wil re issue tickets and cancell your lost tickets, or phone Ticketmaster and see if they will do that too but i think you need your credit card number.

just an update , I called bc lions first thing this morning they will reprint new tickets. Yeah.

I had to get my season tickets reprinted this year because I never got my original ones in the mail, when the Eskimos said that they mailed them to me.