Loss to the Esks, and a desperate plea from fans!

Armstead and Armstrong were huge impact...Porter is looking amazing. The Rider D looked okay, but again, they were on the field far to much because of a shabby Rider O (D was on 2/3 of the game), and tackling in the 1st half was non existent. Fumbles and drops...the only Rider receiver who had a game was Koch. That was one of the best games the offensive line had all year. The riders looked good on the ground, and inept passing, so logic says they should pass right! MILLER............WAKE UP..............YOU NEED A NEW OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR..............hey, my 8 year old cousin is available. Berry MUST go! Same story every week...unable to recognize what is working and what is not. I don't care if he comes up with motion plays, or finally started doing different runs with Cates...he is blind during the game. Daley...well...goodbye...maybe they let you finish the season.

Time to get Hopson involved and send a message. TAMAN is useless. Let him go and destroy another western CFL team. Daly should be fired this week and we pickup an assistant from somewhere. Edmonton replaced their coaches and look what happened. Again firing Daly sends a message.
Etcheverry's D is to bizarre and too complicated that his own players don't understand it. HEY, if it's not working Etchy, change it to a normaller style. Too proud to change? Great let them runn 200 yds a game against you.

The D was acceptable. They gave up 160 yards rushing, but only 180 in the air. That is not horrid. I think the Esks had 100 in the 1st half...so they did well in the 2nd. You cant leave the D on the field that much and expect to win. Yes, they shoulda picked someone up from NFL cuts, but those numbers are not horrid. The Offense lost this game with some help of the special teams. Clermont had a huge drop, Fantuz a couple, the 2 fumbles were weak. The punt return was bad coverage. I'm sorry...few teams are going to win if their D is on the field that much. Maybe if they were on the field that much because to offense was scoring so fast...but that was clearly not the case. The same can be said for the loss against the Stamps, when we only had 22-23 minutes of possession.

I am really concerned for the Riders against the Lions now on Oct 31.
The Lions are lately on fire
Hopefully the pouring rain will throw the lions off - The Lions are not that used to playing a home game in the rain.
Riders need alot of hard work and practice before Oct 31.

This may sound very very very weird, but I HOPE we lose out the season and playoff Semi-Final, not on purpose but I don't want Miller and his crew being blinded from all our problems by us winning out the regular season and making it to the West Final, rather have us lose in the Semi-Final, send a message to the management to tank Taman, Berry and Etchy hope Miller calls it a carrer. Who should we hire as a coach and O and D coordinators you ask? No freakin idea but anything is better than these peanut brained losers. And Cates sorry bro your awesome but its time to pass the batton

If we make some changes to this team and they're big changes... we might have a chance.

But the only way we're going to get passed Calgary in the West Final (assuming we win our own game) is that we're going to have to be virtually spotless and we will have to have a quick gun offense, no waiting around no taking our sweet time on each snap.

you have to be quick and bold. we know how to score against them, so you know they'd adjust so we have to adjust for their adjustment.

You should have just stopped after the very very very weird part....

Dude every post I make you have some smar @ss remark to it, are you even a Rider fan? yeah so what if my post is odd, everbody has there opinions, but I'm tired of this management thinking that everthing is roses and peaches when there not truth is where a mediocer team that will be VERY luck to get passed the Semi Final in MY mind, if you can't handle other peoples thoughts and opinions go crawl back under your rock.... :roll:

Apparently I'm not, because I'll actually be cheering for them in the next several games, including the WSF. Perish the thought.

Look saskfan23, had you started with "I’d rather we win the GC, but if we don’t then, ". Otherwise, it really does sound like you don’t want the Riders to win at all just so that they can start all over again? Why would you not be satisfied with a GC win this year, as unbelieveable as that possibility must be to you right now? What if these mere mortals who you want gone actually achieve the objective of every team and win the GC, with all their imperfections and warts? If they can do that this year, they might be able to do it next year, too. Sure with a ton of frustration like this year, but who cares if they get the job done in the end? It’s not how they get there, it is that they get there, as far as I am concerned.

I agree with you 100%. Some of these people seem to want the team to lose, which is just wrong. Why don't we wait until the season is over before firing everyone and starting over! It's just a thought.

I say, play hard, win what you can! try to get back to the big game.

if not, then once the season ends.. bye bye Daley!!

After losing ET, Rider brass has become satisfied with mediocrity again.

Look I would be estatic if the Riders went to the Grey Cup and won it all, but the way we've been playing I can't see it happening and if were going to end up playing Zabransky and the Esks in the Semi Final well I can't see us winning that game unless the 13th man really shines (no not literally) lol look let me re word what I said, I would like us to go as far as possible into the playoffs but just hope that we don't get blinded into thinking everythings alright and end up tanking in 2011.

Those "not so horrid" numbers are second last in the league. Is that your idea of good defence?

LOL. No kidding. Our defense was picked apart by a third string QB and a rookie running back. Zabransky had all day to make plays. did you see that block by Porter? He laid out the Rider defender.

The Riders sucked in every aspect of the game. Going into the playoffs you would think that there would be a little greater effort.

We are in big trouble