loss of down *time count* is so dumb

great way to promote offense. if anything if you have a timeout remaining you should be able to use it to stop the clock.
5 yard penalty if anything else.

loss of down? stupid

do you even know why or when that occurs??

i do. i do not care. its a stupid rule. the alternative is much better than losing a down. thats all we need are less plays on offense in the CFL.

this game is broken and it starts with the rules.

So explain when and why it happens

they should never lose a down. its so stupid. the 3 minute rule has absolutely no place in the CFL. Why doesn't the CFL have the NFL/NCAA 2 minute rule at 3 minutes with proper clock rules. And 3 timeouts. Giving teams a timeout the way they do prove CFL has stupid people in charge.

Like Donald Trump would say. They are idiots!

and he would be right.

its really simple. don't let the play clock run out. get your act together and you wont need a time out. I don't have a problem with it. I don't like seeing teams trying to "save" the win by running as much time as they can off the clock. I don't feel sorry for them when it comes back to bite them in the ass.

So in short....you don't know the rule
If you want NFL rules.....watch the NFL

could you please tell me what exactly it is you are assuming I don’t know?

Not you....The loss of down complainer

ok, my mistake, I missed his post between mine and yours.

On top of that ro1313; he's a beach ball watcher :cowboy:

are you sure its the "beach ball" he watches

It could be a volley ball too FYB.

the NFL rule is different. know your rules.

It was put in place for a reason, to prevent teams from deliberately wasting time. The rule is fine, it's only applicable in the 3 minute warning.

I don't care about NFL rules....I know the CFL rules
You obviously don't know the rule or you would have explained it

So in other words, adopt the NFL rule. Don't worry, September is almost here, and then we can be rid of your constant complaining.

It amazes me someone would favour a rule that involves no action like the nfl rule.

Yet the last what 8 cfl games were determined during a time in the game an nfl team would sit on it till the clock runs down

Again would love to see if he still even is watching that nfl game when theyre taking knees while you know the cfl fans last night in vancouver were watching till the last few seconds

Send us a video of you with your tv still on the channel watching the nfl teams take knees for the last two minutes

I admire you guys effort for trying to educate him. :lol: