Losing the 'Loyal' Patience

I, like many other Ticat fans, was optimistic when Marcel Desjardins hired Charlie Taffe. This was to be the GM's hire and his personal 'stamp' on the team, and in addition, they had success working together in Montreal. In my opinion, the move made sense, and as I have already mentioned, gave me a 'little' hope for the upcoming season.
As a loyal fan of the organization and the league for many years, I realize that this transition and complete 'overhaul' does not happen overnight. New players, new playbook, new coaches, etc. are just some of the many factors in the 'rebuilding' process. And, most importantly, I am willing to be a patient customer throughout this process.
However, looking at the performance of this team on Saturday night, and for much of the first half of the season, I see undisciplined play and a real lack of enthusiasm on the part of many of the players.
Unfortunately, these glaring impediments can and should be traced back to the coaching and direction of the team.
Yes, Jason Maas is having another disappointing season; Yes, our offensive line needs more consistency; Yes, our secondary is a fragile group that have been beaten many times this season. As frustrating as this can be for a fan, these are just some of the 'growing pains' that I can accept from a team in transition.
But, I am unwilling to sit back and ignore the fact that the team is penalized over 100 yards a game on average, with most of these infractions resulting from unfocused and undisciplined play. This is a team of professionals, and as a fan and customer I expect, at the very least, a professional work ethic in return. And just remember, this is not a one or two time occurrence, this seems to be habitual.
In any sport, consistent, undisciplined performance is always the responsibility of the coaching staff. And, I am getting frustrated hearing the same response for the coach week in and week out.
At some point, the coach or management must take some accountability for all of this, or else, risk losing the loyal fan base and the revenue from the unsatisfied customer.
Change the quarterback, release players, fire the coach, sack the GM, ... JUST do something, because it is obvious that things cannot continue this way.

Every one just needs to chill out. Rome wasn't built in a day. This team needs time to gel. Bob has a 5 year plan. What is it? Year 4.

This 5 year plan, does it include freezing ticket prices? Can i lock in my season tickets for three years again at the same price?

Looks like we are TUNED into the same FREQUENCY of thought ... at the RISk of being redundant I'll re-post this here ...

For ME, this Labour Day matchup will be the TRUE BAROMETER test of WHERE this club is as a WHOLE ...

The COACHES have had AMPLE time to get their troops acclimated to the NEW offense. Players have had AMPLE time to PRACTICE and LEARN. The two teams have met previously. From all the FILM that is out there now, there should be NO EXCUSE for a LACK of PREPARATION on ANYONE'S behalf.

Timmy Chang, and for that matter, Ritchie Williams should be MORE than READY to EXECUTE the offense. Especially if I am to BELIEVE Taaffe's PRESS CLIPPINGS about being such a GREAT QB coach ... well the TIME is NOW to PROVE IT !!

At this LEVEL of play, 1 and 7 is ENOUGH of a break in period to START QUESTIONING some things. With the QB CHANGE, this is a PUT UP or SHUT UP situation for ALL INVOLVED. There is NO REASON this team should NOT be ABLE to COMPETE, at HOME, in a RIVALRY game.

I am not DEMANDING/EXPECTING a Win ... but what I am DEMANDING/EXPECTING is a TEAM EFFORT to be COMPETITIVE and deserving of the title "PROFESSIONAL" ...

Ill timed PENALTIES, bad play calling, and POOR execution - at this STAGE of the season - is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE. If these same aformentioned TRENDS continue, this Monday, then it is ABSOLUTELY TIME to consider MAJOR CHANGES ... again. Whether it be NEW COORDINATORS, or new PLAYERS ... something will HAVE to be done.

11 WEEKS of Football is no longer akin to MICROWAVING - these guys are HALF BAKED by now and it SHOULD SHOW !!!



P.S - Re:FREEZING Season Ticket Prices - I think this is a COMPLETELY ACCEPTABLE request ... since this is YEAR 1 of a TRUE REBUILD Process I think the BRASS should show a little CLASS, and COURAGE to REPEAT that offer for the next 2 or 3 Seasons ... time to STEP UP, Bob.

Ticket prices will probably go up. They need the resources to go out and sign big name FA and compete with the big boys.

I could agree to "chill" if I felt there was some progress being made during this 5 year plan.
Have you seen any in the last 4 years?
This leads me to believe some bad decisions are being made, hence, some pro-active response.
Or else, you might be one of the very few in the stands watching Rome burn.

This "5 year plan" thing you guys keep bantering about has almost turned into an urban legend....

Fact is, and Mr. Young can correct me if I'm mistaken, that the so-called "5 year plan" was for the Tiger-Cats to be profitable at the gate and through other streams of income.....ie: self sufficient

....it had nothing to do whatsoever with any promises of success on the field as no-one can guarantee that.....(although, granted, the two are intertwined)......but in reality, the "5-year plan" was about support in the stands, seasons ticket sales sponsorship and from the community.

.....again, if I'm mistaken, Mr. Young can come in here and correct me.

If I hear we long time fans have to have patience for our five year plan to gel one more time, I am going to explode! Roar 68 is right on with his overall assessment.

Just think for a minute and let's all take a reality check - what actually happens if our current ownership, management and coaches are all incompetent in putting a quality football product on the field period?

Then, I'd say this is why we are in a heck of a lot trouble right now because under these circumstances, nothing will EVER gel because ALL football decisions will be suspect.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what we are seeing now and have been reaping since 2003. The only difference is this year is much worse than the first three.

If Winnipeg, Calgary, and now Saskatchewan and Montreal can recently turn their declining fortunes around in much less time than us from anywhere from one to two seasons maximum, what does that say about this once great and proud organization???

Unless Mr. Young takes this very seriously and stops all the 'Don't Worry, Be Happy' platitudes if we can only win just a 'FEW' games, the MAJORITY of long suffering fans are going to start to desert this sinking ship very soon.

My only suggestion at this point would be for the Caretaker to actually Caretake and hire a Senior Director of Football Operations to totally retool this mess. Too bad we couldn't have scored Tillman and Austin when they were available last season. How about somebody like Don Matthews or anyone else with his type of vast CFL experience who we could grab to start running things upstairs properly.

This type of quality management would eventually translate out onto the field in a competitive fashion and then at least our patience could be rewarded when things start to make football sense.

Four to six player changes every game, trading away or cutting our veteran players for other team's riff raff and, then, getting rid of those players we attained several weeks later is turning this team into a complete circus of inconsistency let alone having all the remaining players looking over their shoulders wondering who's next. Could this be the main reason nobody seems to performing up to their true potential when they play in Hamilton but seem to magically get their talent back when they go somewhere else?

Therefore, it's time to face the real facts. Unless we get someone in here who really knows how to run a successful football operation, this club could go on spinning its wheels and losing game after game after game forever or until even the most rabid fans stop coming!

Wake up Bob! Apocalypse is Now!

At least it would be exciting and we know who would win. C'mon FIRE!!!!!

Execution, personal adjustments, etc, these things take time. Penalties there is no excuse for. Even if you account for U.S. americans not familiar with our game, the number of penalties is still inexcusable.

Plus, there will probably be a 10 - 15% drop in renewals if the team misses the playoffs (again)

This is how I see the entire senario. Accountability
comes with in the player. If the players are held unaccountable and there is some type of discipline the players soon learn there actions are unacceptable. At this stage of the season it is more than clear Charlie is not the task master we had hoped he would be. Sadly enough, just another great taker who has lost control of his coaches and most importantly the players.

I agree with a previous post, Labour Day will be the guage we can set this team at for the rest of the season.

I would like Charlie to take a bold step forward and personally apologize to all the paying customers. If I could make it possible, I would DEMAND a FULL AND IMMEDIATE REFUND.

Once again, Food for Thought.