Losing Teams Hosting Playoff Games

With the NFC West division of the NFL likely sending a team with a losing record to a home playoff berth, I was wondering when the last time a CFL team with a losing record HOSTED a playoff game? Its entirely possible for a 2nd place team in the CFL to have a losing record but when is the last time that happened?

(Too lazy to look it up myself)

With 2 games to go, the NFC West currently has 3 teams still vying for the division title, none of which can finish better than 8-8. First place is a tie between Seattle (6-8) and St. Louis (6-8) with San Francisco (5-9) still in the hunt.

2008... Winnipeg hosted the East semi with an 8-10 record.

ya it's funny, the NFL media is crying foul over this..

they can't stand having the thought of a team with a losing record hosting a playoff game.. hahahahahahaha

poor NFL, too bad. looks good on ya!

Huh? :expressionless:

Doesnt really matter what the actual record is, the same team finishing in the same position still hosts the game. Much ado about nothing. If they are not a very good team, they will probably lose that game and all will be right in the universe.

did you even read the post before you???

That's expected in the CFL. There are only 8 teams and 6 make the playoffs. With the NFL, there are 32 teams and 12 make the playoffs. So seeing a losing team is pretty rare (this will be the first time) and pretty bad.

all the more reason to expand the league to drastically reduce the possibility of this happening

Oh yeah, that's a HUGE reason for expansion, let anyone in just so we have at least 6 teams in each division to ensure that we have a significantly better than 50/50 probability the 2nd place team won't have a losing record.

Pretty much, yeah. Even 5 teams in each division would greatly reduce not only a losing team hosting playoff games, but would go a long way to making each regular season game a lot more important and home playoff dates a lot less frequent making them far better candidates to sell out. Not to mention it would reduce if not eliminate the chance of the always embarrassing situation where ALL teams in one division make the playoffs

People may be wrong to assume playoffs are designed to determine the best team. Under the rules, any team can qualify if positioned high enough regardless of win-loss record. Actually, months of regular season is a better measure of teams strength than a few weeks of playoffs. In the short term, anything can happen and favorites don't always beat underdogs. But playoffs are important in generating extra revenue and a climactic finale.

Absolutely correct. That's why I somewhat prefer what they do in most soccer federations by awarding a champion for both league and cup competitions.

its really not the nfl's fault that the division seattle won was the weakest. it has been for years. this was bound to happen eventually with like 6 different divisions or so.

what? u got.. seattle, san fran, st louis... who else.. these teams have been bad for years. was bound to happen.

nfl's problem is they have too many divisions.. if they maybe even just had 4 divisions.. i mean east, west, north, south.. it would reduce the possibility of a crap team like seattle getting in. Its their own fault for having too many divisions.

i mean... why is san fran is this division and san diego is not? like that doesnt make sense at all.. put all the west coast teams in the same division and it eliminates this from happening probably.

...yeah, because, you know, San Fransisco definitely is not a west coast team...despite all that salty Pacific Ocean that almost completely surrounds it...

The thing also to remember is that St. Louis used to be the Los Angeles Rams...

Anyone else confused by Killer's rant? :expressionless:

well Seattle won tonight.. :roll:

how funny.

hmm.. really? confused by what.. the comment below it...

really thats just being a jackass, cuz its pretty obvious that san diego and san fran not being in the same division as seattle and the former la rams (thanks man, that makes sense now why st louis is there) is what i was saying.. i mean really?

DUH.. san diego and san fran are on the west coast? duh really.. geesh thanks dude i had no idea.. are they both in california also? have i been to both in the same week?

seriously tho... seattle is gonna go to the superbowl :stuck_out_tongue: cuz this is not what the nfl wants but its a good underdog story actually.

...yes....completely.... :?

Look I don't know what everybodies complaining about the way the system in the NFL works is that if you win your Division your in so thats basically everyteams goal coming into the season. If it takes 12 wins or just 7 wins to win your division I guess thats just the way the cookie crumbles. Its kinda not the NFC WEST's fault that everyteam in that division is rebuilding, Cards have no QB, Rams have no Defence, Niners are starting from scratch and the Seahawks despite doing some damage are still in the "rebuilding proccess". Look they (Seahawks) knew how the system worked and thy made it work for them end of story.

In case you haven't noticed I'm a Seahawk fan but I would defend the situation either way. :rockin: