Losing stadium design

Very similar to THF, but what I like much better is the south side along Cannon that provides some end zone seating and enclosed, contained game day atmosphere.

Would have been nice. Then they could have put the Canadian Football Hall of Fame under the south endzone seats (if it was enclosed).


IMHO they definitely chose the right one!
I like the endzone patios of our current THF(better)and with that, much easier expandability.
There are no sideline patio tables and patio for private boxes.
Inferior by a mile!!

TBH, I did prefer the WH design in that it expressed a much more modernistic and aesthetic quality (with roofing) including the concave structured grandstands/endzones.


I'm so glad we did not end up with a track stadium as our football home. You are SO FAR from the sidelines - it is terrible - especially for somebody who grew up with the amazingly close seats of Ivor Wynne Stadium.

yes, we are very fortunate that the the Pan Am Committee rescinded the track and field events to York, otherwise we would have a permanent track affixed at THF. :thdn:

I still like the idea of patios and gathering areas behind the end zones. The one end zone with the open area and the patio can be converted with temp stands for a GC. I like the new end zone seats that are angled at the back and side of the end zone, they are the cheapest seats and they have the two in Ottawa which are sold out. Hamilton has the four of them and the cheapest seats and it looks like still some availability for most games.
I like the idea that Ottawa has with the grass berms at the East end zone, can be used for standing room (sitting room) if needed, it closes off the stadium. Like in Hamilton, the other end has the patio area with the scoreboard, they will never be able to put temp seats there.


There will be seating under the scoreboard for Grey Cups and special events.


Personally, I like the idea of the endzone seating. I would walk around during games at IWS and sit in vacant seats in the endzone and talk to people seated there. The view of the field was not that bad and in some cases was better than the sides. We must remember that this stadium was designed and built to be a soccer venue, not a football stadium. Maybe when the Pan Am games are long gone, then it can be modified to suit football. The designs posted by CaptainKirk are much more to my liking.

But the end zone seating is still there, lots of end zone seats. The difference is that the end zone seats are at the sides and the corner of the endzones not behind the goal line. Putting seats behind the goal lines are not needed unless they host a GC

Just looking at the mock-up of the stadium with Grey Cup seating a few posts above and I sort of chuckle at the Tim Horton's signage on the back of the scoreboard and back of the east side stands. Because of where the stadium is situated almost nobody - even most going to games - will ever see those signs promoting Tim Horton's. Lovely view from the bedroom windows of the homes across the street and that's about it. lol

Were this stadium near a major road or highway likely a ton more money could have been made from naming rights. I'm sure a big portion of what BMO pays for naming rights at BMO Field was justified because of all the traffic going by on the Gardiner and GO Trains on a daily basis. Tim Horton's doesn't get much bang for their buck other than exposure to the Tim Horton's name directly on Ti-Cats game days. Heck even during the Pan Am soccer it will be called the CIBC Hamilton Soccer Stadium.

I like the losing Design better but That just my Taste .

IWS is perfect site for our Stadium NUFF SAID