Losing McCallum to BC

The 'RIders should say “good riddance” - the guy is 36 and can’t do all three effectively anymore - the question is whether BC’s braintrust will be smart enough to keep O’Mahoney to punt (O’Mah is a much better punter than McCallum) - but O’Mah has only one year left on his contract, so spending the money to bring him to Regina just to punt doesn’t make much sense - sign Kellett (who wants to come to Regina anyway) to kick and maybe kickoff (he didn’t punt last year), and then get a good (but much cheaper than O’Mah) import punter to handle punting (and maybe kickoff) - the 'Riders have got an extra slot for imports this season - then take the extra money saved this way and sign a returner like Livingston, or get some more help for the defense - if Shivers is smart, then he’ll seriously consider this, and shore up the kicking game without spending all of his money -

I wouldn't say "good riddance" per say, he wasn't that good last couple of years but he wasn't that bad either.. Mccallum shone in the community, and will be missed there. I'd say get Kellet for kicking/punting. He's a hometown boy who wants to come here. Why get Livingston? We already have Corey Holmes who is THE most versitaille player in the league. Instead, use the money to sign Thurmon/ trade someone for help in the receivers department.


I think he should've been treated better by the "brain"trust, quoted as I'm currently unsure if the term suits the dudes in charge.

He may not have had the distance on his punts that he once did, but if memory serves, he was pretty alright at placing punts along the sidelines to limit returns.

Prior to anyone bringing up his miss, if the team hadn't continually stalled, and had the defence actually stopped BC at any time during that game, it wouldn't have come down to that kick....

Frankly, I have lost trust in Shivers and Barrett. . . And I've liked these guys since the days they arrived in Saskatchewan.

The guys is a great kicker. his only problem is he had one bad kick when it mattered most, and no one will ever let him forget about it. That would bug a person, and that was bugging him. Everyone plays bad at one time or another. . . you do remember he was a CFL All-Star a couple years ago? Of course not, because all you'll remember is the Western final.

Frankly, now we just have to get Kellet, some punter who can do the job, and some receivers who will catch the ball on a regular basis. If we can do that, I feel we'll do great.

Now to go and get a McCallum jersey before they stop selling them. . . Maybe I can find a way to get him to sign it.

Sorry guys - I'm sure McCallum is a good influence in the community, but -

Look at the stats for the 05 season -

He was LAST in the CFL in average kickoff yardage
He was 7TH OUT OF 9 TEAMS in punting average

There are many positive influences in the community, but it does not mean that they can kick or punt

The bottom line is winning and losing football games, so don't be too hard on Shivers and Barrett for doing what they needed to do

McC was no longer worth the money

There are some good (and cheaper) Canadian kickers out there - but good Canadian punters are hard to find - so take the extra import slot that S has this year and go get a good import punter to complement a good Canadian kicker, and the 'RIders will be good enough in that phase of the game - use the extra money for something else - receiver, defenders, whatever -

well theres prolly things we dont know wuts happening in the locker room and if he didnt want to sign here, let him go :wink: he knows wut RIDER PRIDE :mrgreen: is all about and i guess he just dont get it :roll: and prolly just wanted to go home :cry: baby ...dime a dozen 4 kickers :!:

well, I suppose the next kicker for the riders better like mushrooms.......

Why would you post something so ignorant. McCallum was in tears when announcing he signed with BC. He wanted more than anything to sign with and eventually retire with the Riders. BUT he was offered an insulting take it or leave it contract and he left it. He has way more Rider Pride than a lot of Rider fans. Even after all he went through he stood up for the community and Rider fans. That says a lot about him. Cry Baby I think not. I am sad to see him go. I think a change of scenery will do him good. Hopefully BC fans are less hard on him than a lot of Rider fans.

And as for 7th of 9 in punting yards, I assume that is gross yardage. The thing is, because he was so good at punting to the sidelines, thus limiting returns, his net yardage was probably not that bad.

Hopefully Pikula can get things done in the kicking department.

Go Riders!!

In a year where the Rider top dogs have basically committed themselves to a grey cup run, they (DUMP) McCallum. That's totally messed up. How many kickers punters slumped in 2005? Most had the fortune of playing behind a decent ball moving offense. Now what do we have.......................A RAW ROOKIE KICKING AT TAYLOR FIELD IN THE MOTHER AF ALL FOOTBALL YEARS BEHIND A GREENE RUN OFFENCE. LOL...LOL...LOL
I do wish Rob Pikula all the luck in the world, but he's going to need much more than luck.

I don't think it was so much an issue of having an off-year as it was having lost confidence in McCallum. That's been building for longer than just this past season, and although I liked McCallum, I welcome the change. I, too, had lost confidence in him, and I absolutely refuse to get on Pikula's case before he's even been afforded an opportunity to kick at Taylor Field. In fact, you'd be hard pressed to have me on his case this season, period. Even McCallum started off as a rookie at one time.....

In a year where the Rider (top dogs) have basically committed themselves to a Grey Cup run, they (DUMP) McCallum. That's totally messsed up. How many kicker / punters slumped in 2005? Most had the fortune of playing behind a decent ball moving offense. Now what do we have......A RAW ROOKIE KICKING IN TAYLOR FIELD (in what is supposed to be the mother of all football seasons) IN A GREENE RUN OFFENSE...LOL..LOL...LOL

I do wish Rob Pikula allthe luck in the world, but he's going to need muck more than luck this year..

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McCallum was EIGHTH OUT OF NINE TEAMS in net punting last year
(one from the bottom - worse than his gross average)-

Kellett is not a good punter anymore and is hurt most of the time

'Riders should go after O'Mahoney (BC says they will let him go)

In punting distance...but there's more to it then that. Personally i didn't consider Jon Ryan to be the best punt in the league.