Losing is actually good for the fans

Let me explain...

Obviously I would love to be winning. Everyone would love to be winning. Losing, however, isn't that bad. Think about it...

We've had the worst team in the CFL for 3 of the past 4 years. We even had one of the worst teams in the HISTORY of the CFL. Thank you Roughriders for giving us at least 1 "W" that season.

Anyways... losing has separated the true fan from the fair weather fan. 28,000 people are coming out to watch a team that might not be able to beat the University of Toronto let alone the Toronto Argonauts.

I was in Calgary and someone saw my Tiger-Cats license plates and shouted out "Oskie wee wee". That was amazing. The pride that people take in being a Tiger-Cats fan, heatbreak and all, is a great feeling.

It's like a marriage. It's easy to be happily in love when times are good. It's when the times get rough when you find out how much you love each other... ask the Argo's about that type of love.

This forum probably doesn't make any sense at all but in my head it does.

Have a good one everybody!

And remember... Bob Young is still the man!

Ya,I was thinking about bad football or not good football driving by the lake this morning......It's like 98 & 99 were good years ,before that it was real bad ,after that it was bad and a few good years then a lot of blahh years ,it's tough being a Cat fan with seasons that are so blahhh and bad ,but it must be tough keeping good talent with this NFL one year contract deal too....

Still a fan but getting up in years of experience..... :cowboy:

Someone compared the TiCats and their fans to the Packers before Favre arrived. Can you imagine what will happen if/when the team straightens out and starts winning? A couple good years and you might not be able to buy single game tickets, just like Lambeau Field.

It's true though. Winning is always sweeter after going through spells like this one.
Hang in there everyone, someday we will celebrate another cup.

Nice upbeat attitude from greycup06. I no longer want to think in negative ways. Go Cats!

And liver is good for you too.

Especially mine after tomorrows game.