Losing faith in the CFL

I've been a CFL fan for as long as I can remember. Now, at 65, I'm of the opinion the CFL is a garbage league.
Starting with officiating...total incompetence. These refs call everything they see a penalty. More often than
not, its a bad call. Example: today's game - they don't even know where to spot the ball.
And the players...an even bigger joke. I just can't understand why players (who call themselves professional)
cannot run a single play without taking bad penalties. The league is apparently doing absolutely nothing to
increase quality of refereeing or player accountability.
Yes, I'm frustrated. No flow to these games at all. One penalty (good or bad) after another. The CFL used to
be far superior to the NFL...now it really is a joke.
I also must say abandoning its connection with the CBC, in favour of TSN (The Stupid Network) isn't helping
matters at all.
I'm sorry, I really want to still love the CFL, but because of the above, and the fact that Rogers makes it
impossible to watch a game (without tv/cable) as a fan of North American football...I'm going over to the NFL. :cry:


Don't make promises you can't keep mattsdad.

Well I went to the Labour Day Classic in Calgary last week.. The crowd was around 50 years old and on three occasions I heard incredibly disparaging things being said about the quality of play,and the flags

Yesterday while at the Crapdome to watch my Argos lose.
We have seen some bad officiated games this year with way too many flags, but Al Bradbury and his crew just topped it.
It was the worse most incompetent game by a Head ref and his staff in many years.
The guy should be fired.

Well gottawalkit I was also at the LDC in Calgary and I sat next to a group of young guys who said they are done watching this league as well because of the same reasons. These young guys couldn't wait for the NFL season to start. The cfl will have issues in years to come trying to attract young fans who will glued to their TV's watching the NFL INSTEAD. My advice to you is contact the league office and let them hear your displeasure because they damn well need to hear it!

According to the Can-Am sports poll conducted during 2015 Super Bowl week, only 21% of Canadian 18-34 yr old's follow the NFL (with 18% following the CFL). But 23% of 55+ yr old's follow the NFL with 33% following the CFL. So more older Canadians follow both the CFL and NFL. The scenario that young Canadians are clamouring to watch the NFL is just not borne out in facts.


And when all those same flags get thrown in the NFL, will you just forgetabout those flags, and claim how good NFL ref's are because they catch all the penalties

The young guys you mention: likely drunk.

So you signed up just to tell us that...okay then...


On the train ride back from the game I met a married couple who wore opposing jersies. He had on a Stamps jersey and she wore a Esks jersey.. They openly talked about how this was their last LDC game and that they had become NFL fans instead. We then joked how the best part of the game was the rabbit. The CFL has had a huge decline in quality of play and when you see teams unable to sustain drives without penalties, or teams unable to score points without the aid of pick sixes then we know the game has gone more defensive. I am beating a dead horse here, but maybe offensive players should start practicing 6 hours a day and the defenses should only be allowed to practise the current 4 and a half hours.. As terrible as today's Esks victory was, it was still refreshing to see them complete a few longer passes.. Long bombs used to be a staple in the CFL, and now they are done more to keep the defenses honest so that the offense can nickel and dime it's way up the field and hope for penalties.

You posted this BS earlier in the week on another thread. I didn't believe it then....and I don't believe it now.

So I was hearing things when the guy behind me said,"thats why he's not in the NFL" when Mitchell missed his first three passes.. I was also hearing things when another fan yelled,CFL .. Canadian Flag League" after about 6 plays out of ten had flags... I guess I was also hearing things when another fan said," I guess this isn't the NFL" after another fan remarked how the score was 3 to 1 with half time approaching.. Not to mention that when Calgary got a couple of cheap penalties and a TD at the end of the first half that the crowd sensing the cheepness to the drive, barely even cheered. You could easiy carry on a conversation without raising your voice throughout the game.. It was the quitest game I have ever been to outside of BC. Place

Mindya… At Skydome 4 years ago, I heard a fan wonder out loud why they were punting on third down and had a fan behind me drag his kids out at half time and remark that it was a good thing his tickets were free.

this is dog man, just pure dog

Bye Bye, see ya, don't let the door hit you on your way out. The NFL is all hype and TV production.

The product is very good in the CFL, it's the officials that are sub par ! They are inconsistent and lack control of the game ! I have noticed this year games have been very chippy, even players fighting and not many ejections ! There seems to be a lot of confusion when multiple penalties are called !

The league has to invest in the officials for the game to get better :thup:

We all know that NFL fans never complain about officiating. :roll:

And there are never low-scoring games in the NFL. :roll:

Or high-scoring games in the CFL. :roll:

And there are no young fans in CFL stadiums. :roll:

It's funny how some people complain and complain about how the CFL is inferior or boring, yet they never go away!

Well, my seats at THF are surrounded by first year season ticket holders.

I've overheard A LOT of Argo fans saying they can't wait to get the team in BMO and how many of their buddies will come back.

Attendance is actually UP in Montreal.

I'm seeing more and more CFL fans in the KW area

You go ahead and support the NFL. I'd rather watch a bunch of penalties over watching a QB take a f***ing knee as soon as the pocket collapses.

Oh yeah! That call against the Cowboys on the playoffs last year...

Worst call ever made by any officials in any sport