"Losing Culture" is over for Our Beloved Hamilton Tiger-Cats!

Keep it classy, TC fans. Nice win, let's enjoy it.

Agendas can wait.

No agenda here . The thread is about if our Losing Culture is over or not . I'm just simply pointing out the fact that in our last 12 games since June took over and installed Jeremiah as our starter that the team has gone from a previous 0-8 pre Jones W/L record to a very respectable 7 and 5 record since that time and have been competitive in every one of those games win or lose .

I'm not sure about anybody else but when a team loses 8 games in a row ? Many of them noncompetitive and lopsided ? Well in my book that is what I would consider a team with a "Losing Culture" .

No if you avoid confrontation, you avoid injury.

Hope u are right!

I'd call that a losing streak. The Cleveland Browns have a losing culture.

If we're 4-1 averaging 30 pts I'll be the first person to tell anybody doubting JM that they're nuts. He played MOP football last night. No question.

Right on Crash, I'll be the second one to agree.
The only fans that don't want JM to do well are the JF fans from South.
Rest of us are lifetime cat fans and dont care if Timmy Chang or Maas suited up for us, as long as we are winning.

Count me in with those who think a losing 'culture' can only be declared after multiple seasons, not a single losing streak.

I would note that the OP's implication is that a single loss in game 1 established a losing culture, given that we ended 2017 with a winning record in the last 10 games. And that's just silly. If we lose next week, is the losing culture back again?

Okay fair enough losing 8 in a row I guess one could call a losing streak . But let me take it one step further and go a little farther back then those 8 games . In order to keep things in perspective let's go back in time and have a gander at the W/L record for this team for the previous 18 gms played (equals the equivalent of a full season schedule)in the pre Jones era .

I think you might be shocked to know that it equates out to an unbelievable W/L record of 3 and 15 with the last 11 games in a row in that time span all being losses dating back to the end of the 2016 season . :-[

As for the Cleveland Browns ? Well sadly all one has to do is look is no further then Montreal , who are currently on a 13 gm losing streak and counting and are quickly morphing into the CFL's answer to the Cleveland Browns . :o

So bobo, I think what you are trying to say is that the Tiger-Cats under Kent Austin (2013-2017) had a "losing culture." Period.

Unless you would argue that we had a "winning culture," or some other kind of culture (perhaps a "culture of mediocrity?"), from 2013 to midway through 2016, which abruptly changed into a "losing culture" on August 28, 2016 in a game against Calgary. Such a drastic cultural change - sandwiched between two games when we put up 53 points against SSK (Aug 20) and 49 points against TOR (Sept 5)!

That’s not true. I’m happy for Masoli. He’s a great kid and he deserves his shot after all of these years. The fact that he is proving himself could mean
that JF will not really get a chance until he leaves Hamilton that’s all. Right now JF is in a good place. He is getting his feet back under him after a two year layoff. By next year it will be a different story. JF is good enough to start in this league. When he is ready to go it does nothing for him or the CFL to have him sit.

It not about him or the CFL. It's about the Tiger cats. If he's ready to start and the Cats are winning he becomes an insurance policy. JJ isn't going to get him ready to play CFL football then trade him to Montreal.

Not Montreal.... Toronto... Ricky Ray is just about done.

Deep breaths, fellows, deep breaths. It is only one win, not even technically “a streak?. Let’s see how we fare against Winnipeg and Regina, and how Calgary and Edmonton fare in their next few games. Then we’ll have some comparisons.

Remember the old adage - don’t let the wins take you too high, or the loses too low. Enjoy the moment, and then back to work.
But, man, that win last night felt mighty good, eh?

I don’t know about a “losing culture?, but I went to bed last night at half time hoping they were not going to mess things up - so maybe that’s a losing culture.

One other thought - for a losing culutre we sure have an enthusiastic core group on this site (In comparison no one has posted in days on the argos board) and I can’t help but think our new American friends would be lonely if Manziel were ever traded to the Blue team.

My final thought - it sure would be nice to have a .500 plus season.

Maybe the Atlantic Schooners!

Not sure people know what a losing "culture" actually is.

IMO a losing culture is when both the organization and fans get too accustomed to losing and thus lower expectations and objectives. Such as the Roughriders, Leafs, Cubs, Indians, Clippers over long stretches of time.

Expectations of fans are still reasonably high and never once got the impression the organization is happy with status quo.

Sorry, but you are wrong...Jones has ALWAYS been about winning first, players second, and doesn't have the ego you suggest that involves "saving" Manziel...he will play the guy(s) that get him a championship, not the guy that gets him a legacy...he will say all the nice things that he needs to to keep the press happy, but will keep rolling #8 out there because he is purely and simply the MUCH better quarterback...and I would trade Manzeil straight up for Winnipeg's rookie and we would come out away ahead of the game...

Interesting. This might be the 1st time ever that I agreed with dork. That 2009 BC game was indeed the turning point for the Cats into some form of respectability. The Marcel Bellefeuille years were at least .500 seasons with some playoff appearances.

I remember that game distinctly. It was also a fantastic debut by Deandra Cobb. But when BC were driving late in the game and Otis Floyd got the pick that sealed the win for the Cats, I knew that the 3-15 seasons were behind us.

My bad, I didnt realize losing culture just meant 3-15 seasons.
My opinion of losing culture are .500 season or worst....and not winning a championship at least once a decade in a 9 team league.

Maybe we should rephrase the title to "Starting a Winning culture"