"Losing Culture" is over for Our Beloved Hamilton Tiger-Cats!


Sounds like we are saved.

Thank heavens our QB knows who to thank first in his post-game interviews.

While I’m disappointed, since all I care about is watching Manziel play...

Congrats to you guys, Masoli looks to be a guy.

Anyone mentioning Manziel playing at this point is ignorant. Before tonight, It wasnt really Masoli’s Job, just his to lose...

It’s his job now.

Given that you're new here, I'll give you a pass. But it was Masoli's job already, as this was just another example of what he's been doing since he took over as starter last year. The guy is good, but for some reason a lot of people don't recognize that. Yet.

Losing culture?
We've been to 2 Grey Cups lately.

Not sure any culture can be changed after 2 games.

Outside the 2 grey cup appearances, we have had a losing culture.

But completely agree, you can't change that after 2 games....its a start... but its a long season...next few games will reveal a lot...but we do have a decent team...not sure of our depth...cause injuries do happen.

Suggest losing culture ended in 2009.

With Obie and other genuine football people finally in place finally fumigated football ops of horrible football decisions and people of 04 -08.

Prior to that a home playoff game was a dream.

Pretty much expected now.

Which is not to say the team or fans should settle for that.

Hate to tell you CatsFan but Jones has aspirations of getting his boy Johnny in therw as soon as Masoli faulters. No doubt about it. He didn’t push for his arrival because he wanted JF to carry a clipboard for 2 years. JJ wants to be looked at as the guy who saved Johnny!

Yes injuries do happen. Just ask the Eskimos about their current injury issues !

Maybe we should just trade "Johnny Bench" to the Riders . The rumour going about town in Saskie is that their starting quarterback (whose name escapes me) is injured.......AGAIN !!!

Part of the game Bobo. If you play hard, you risk injury. If you are tentative and don’t go full out, you tend to last a bit longer. Read between the lines, if you can! Besides, JF would be a big negative for Ssk.

Agree 100%

Other way around. If you are in excellent physical shape and go full out you have less risk of injury. When you you are not in top physical shape and slack off that's when you get injured. Ask any football coach.

Or just bad luck.

ya, outside of all those games we won, we sure have been losing a lot

Taken further.
2009. Game 2 win in BC.
Previous week we were embarrassed at home by TOR and it looked and felt like a continuation of bad football.
But Quinton Porters best game and a late pick by Otis Floyd, a key part in Obies rebuild, everything changed.
HAM was competitive the rest of the way and essentially to today.
Perceptions changed and expectations changed.
And it all started with that game.

Pretty sure Duane Forde said "the Hamilton Tiger cats are back" after that INT.

A great comment. I agree BTW, welcome to the forum. Masoli was given the job almost with an asterisk. I'm going to guess this was not the first football game you ever watched. Welcome. :slight_smile:

For those keeping score our W/L record in the June Jones/Masoli era now stands at 7 and 5 . Also that was officially win number 14 for this team since the start of the 2016 season . Out of those 14 wins ? Masoli has been under centre as our starter for 11 of those 14 victories. The other guy who won those other 3 games for us in this time ? last seen he was taken out of his latest game with his new team with a suspected concussion .

Talking about your ex all the time shows you aren't secure with your current mate.

This isn't about Masoli Vs Collaros anymore. Hasn't been since last November.

It's now Masoli vs consistancy. We're 1-1. He's had 1 ok game and one great game.

If the conversations about Masoli are going to stop he's gonna have to do go better than 1-1. Go out and beat Winnipeg then Sask twice and see how fast it stops.