The Argos have had the ball twice vs BC and CGY with under 3 minutes left. Both times they went 2 and out and punted the ball and lost the game--

Okay in both situations not even ONE RUN attempt? Okay fine all passes but then when they need the first down the offense disappears?

Then the Defense in Toronto might be the BEST DEFENSE in the leauge for 3 Quarters and then the WORST in the 4th QTR--

The Defense starts to let running backs run right through and passes are wide open. THe Defense is way way too soft in the 4th qtr of games-- Receivers get open running easy outs and in routes and seem routes---

WHy the hell did ANDRUS not kick that fgoal with 6 seconds left? THERE was no time left for another play in that game.
Then he forces a horrible pass by PIckett and the game is over--

ALso why is Bradwell in there, he looks lost and is terrible IMO.

Simple; because Andre Talbot is injured; what do you want them to do, play a man short?

KJ should be brought in for the second & short situations to help with a running play. As for the defence, Andrus will not dress an extra import d-line man,(Walter Curry) he would rather dress Jared Payton, an import rb, on a team that does not run the ball.

I am still in shock that Andrus thought he had 2 plays left with 5 seconds on the clock…

And you are not alone. . . sure hard to figure. . . and good point about wasting a roster spot on a guy who dresses but who hardly gets on the field (Payton).

Yep, that was a stupid call to end the game. We know that JM has a cannon for a leg & can get the job done, so why not let him do it? Friggin' retarded! However, here's what I see as good: CP manages the game pretty good (sort of) & has at least done a better job then KJ at it. His passes are more accurate too. PKS is a welcome arrival & will be a definite asset to the team. The defense kicks ass & if they can just keep it up through all 4 quarters then we'd be in business.

No question that Coach Andrus has made some good decisions & brought some talent to the team (Sam, Lucas, etc.), but holy crap... Sometimes his decision making abilities look amateur at best!... Stupid play calls (last night's end of game call was not the only one). Is he for real? I don't know.

Maybe Pinball could be talked into coming back... In my dreams. :cowboy:

In the NFL 5 seconds is an eternity....HEAVY SARCASM

Rookie mistake...they will happen. This team is getting better every week and I'm glad to see they are finaly moving away from Joseph. I expect he will be let go at season's end if he has not been traded. I also expect Rita and Mohns to be gone. These guys have built nothing durable in five years. They won a GC but really very little of that had to do with those two monkeys. Allen was going to be cut in BC anyway and the rest of the crew was already in place. Get Higgins in there as GM, Taman as DPP and bring in a good talent scout and watch that team go.

The minute a football front office guy grows manboobees he is no longer fit to lead a football team :wink:

Argo fans should say NO TO MAN BOOBEES !

The forum freaks filtered out the word B O O B ! OH my !

Was I misinformed when I was told Andrus was a "Offensive Genius"?

When I heard yesterday, the Argos were in the Red Zone 5 times in 4 games, I thought about it, and that is not too good.

But what a Defense. They make it scary for Receivers to catch a ball. They will only get better when Parker gets in there.

I agree with you guys. I was wondering why the field goal unit didn't come out. I'd be more confident with Medlock kicking a 57 yard field goal, then the Argo's Offense scoring a TD.

He's right you know. Nobody can...

Just checking to see if there is any evaluation news. :wink: From rereading these posts I think everybody knew back in August what needed to be done and nothing that has happened since would change that.
I think I recall Bart saying, when he was hired, he was going to change the culture. We never thought that what he meant was about wins and losses.
But in fairness to Bart and his dumb decisions, give him a quality QB and we would see a different team IMO.
Don Mathews went 0 and 8 with Joesph and Pickett and we could never accuse him of making dumb decisions in a game. He saw the writing on the wall and decided to retire again before his loss record overtook his wins. :slight_smile:

Good points there DoubleBlue.

From where I’m sitting, Andrus isn’t the priority. . . the priorities are to assemble a decent receiving corps, improve the Offensive line, get a qualitifed offensive coordinator, and get a decent QB (Joseph is past his ‘best before’ date, Pickett will never reach a ‘best before’ date, and haven’t seen enough of Reaves to make a judgment. . . but if Reaves is all you’ve got then I don’t care who is the coach, this team goes nowhere).

His brother is coming to help out next year. Marc Andrus


Just need the pointy ears to make it a true Trekky experience in Toronto. :smiley: