Losing Becomes Habit Forming

Lets see if something constructive comes out of this.The Ticats played pretty decent football for better than 3 quarters against the Bombers. They started to fall apart once the penalties rightly or wrong, started being called against them in the 4th quarter. This is the frustration and retalitory part of being a none winning team of any sport. The defence played a very good game up until then and kept the high scoring Bombers in check before they became unglued. The offence, especially the oline was very good and gave ample time for Maas to get rid of the ball. Maas has spirts of being a good quarterback, but they a few and far between. Im not saying he isnt trying because I believe he is giving a 100 per cent out there and taking a licking doing it. But now is the time for the Cats to take there losses on Maas and either trade him or buy him out and bring in a good quarterback. And no Chang isnt ready. Once you start him your giving up on the season. Play calling is another subject, and Im wondering who is calling the plays. I still believe that Holmes and Lumsden should be in the backfield together where they could run inside or outside and keep the other teams defence on the field and wear them down physically. Remember they have a 6 and 8 yard average per carry. And both of them can block. :?

from the start everyone including taaffe said this would take awhile with the new system and the high turnover on the roster. as long as you are seeing progress. if you watch all facets of this team, then you can honestly say things are improving overall. next step, weed out the problems that still exist such as the stupid penalties.

And poor QB play

I agree. The biggest problem right now is to get a top rated quarterback who can get some touchdowns instead of field goals