Losing Ackles will be tough


....he was a great President in the short time he was here, he learned a lot from Bob and we'll miss him...Good Luck Scott, Teresa and kids (my daughter babysat for them, nice family, Calgary's loss)....

Congrats on your 10 000 posts ! I know this forum does not give a hoot a about stuff like that but There aren’t too many guys with 10k posts ! :thup:

Hey Red, we are glad to have him back. I hope he continues with his father's "Vision" on how things should be done!

Seems to be a rumour about Lyle Bauer coming in to fill the vacancy. That would be interesting.

I feel bauer has done well his first year here. They did a little more fan interaction things anmd he really stayed out of the player and coaches way. He let's huffer deal with the field stuff and he does external team stuff like advertising and fan apreciation. I feel he has done real good with that. Even with ticket deals and such. Way easier and cheaper to get tickets and bus rdes from resturants and bars this year

Hopefully in the next year or so stamps merch will improve and he will make it more acessable in more stores.