Loserville...Bill Lankhof's column in Sun

Great post,

Bulldozed, is something that needs to happen from Stuart St to York, not becasue theres any thing wrong with the homes in that neighbourhood, but simply because its a neighbourhood and it will become the neighourhood that holds back development, they will be the people that rightfully complain I cant get in and out and my parking spot is always taken. They ll be saying all these people are a pain in my life.
So get the Bulldozers out and get rid of this neighbourhood !!! Or pick another location please.
We cant have both a WH neighbourhood and a WH stadium entertainment district. IT WONT WORK

Please dont say. what about Wrigley Field, doesnt compare becasue the stadium and that neighbourhood grew up together, WH has a stadium being PLUNKED into it.

Sorry for my spelling and grammer errors. Its been along day getting dealing with the city. :x And costly.

Eastender, your posts are a pleasure to read. They are articulate, thoughtful and based on facts. Have you thought of running for office? :smiley: Buckwheat, I find most of your comments insulting and full of innuendo - try to get a grip. :cry:

I'm tired of the right vs. left bantering on these sites. Who cares what party Fred is or was affiliated with! We're dealing with broader issues that affect Hamiltonians from all regions and all walks of life, not just TiCat fans (BTW I am one). Hamilton is a great city, and the TigerCats have been and will continue to be a great entertainment organization. But the ones who speak for the people are the men and women we elect to council. If you have a beef with them, you will have your chance in a couple of months to do something about it (don't forget to vote!). Bob Young is a very successful Hamiltonian (he was at the right place at the right time with RedHat), but he's not infallible....and I don't recall voting him into office! He's not stupid, and he doesn't run the TiCat organization for charity; it's a business venture for him (look at all the spin-offs with these CFL websites that his company benefits from).

And who gives a flying F what the Sun, or any other Toronto media person thinks... Most Torontonians are jealous of what we have here in Hamilton.

You say this:

And then you say this:

I lived in Toronto for almost six years, and I can promise you, not one person I met was jealous of Hamilton. I respect and love this city, and I always will, but it’s not perfect. I take exception to someone from out-of-town pointing out the flaws – if only because they don’t or haven’t lived here and therefore don’t know the whole issue – but that doesn’t mean they can’t be right.

I don’t want to level the same accusations at you, but if you’ve lived in Toronto for any length of time, you’d know that their citizens are not jealous of Hamilton.

Ask the Mayor how much Stelco and Dofasco pay in Property Taxes and Hydro.

You won't like the answer.

You want to talk about subsidies. :roll: