Loserville...Bill Lankhof's column in Sun

Hey Travdes...yes indeed this council are left leaning. Yes, you are right they do like to bleed money away. Usually they like to do this by raising your taxes not but embracing new business projects. Generally if you want to locate a business in a area of your choosing they will make you go through so much red tape that you eventually give up a go somewhere else. They usually want you to invest into the urban city centre (as building into the suburbs is taboo...green space you know), then ditch your car and either walk or ride your bicycle around town. This city, which was once called "the ambitious city" has been going down hill ever since the lefty generation of city aldermen led by Brian Hinkley (one of four ndp aldermen at the time), tried to focus all investment into the brownfields not the suburbs. :cowboy:

Eastender...I believe you are referring to the Andrew Kyrstal interview discussed in another thread.

But...Lankhof hit a home run with his piece in today's Toronto Sun.

We are a laughing stock.

By the way, I said what I said not because I have a hate on for those other cities. I travel a lot, today I'm in Houston and you know what I realized just this morning, just how similar it is to Toronto, and Denver, and Phoenix, and Chicago, and Calgary, and Dallas, and so on, and so on. These are all very successful cities... but you know what, the are also successfully totally forgettable... at least Hamilton has a little flavour to it.... a little something more than just comfort. Maybe I'm a little weird but I'd rather be ugly kid in a room full of clones, than one of the clones, because at least I know when I grow up I'm going to be an individual.

So in conclusion, let's be happy that people like these guys hate our city too much to ever grace us with their magnificent presence, I don't think I could stand to bask in their glory for too long without throwing up in my mouth a little bit.

Earl, Eisenberger isn't a leftie. He's a Conservative. He ran for a federal seat in 2004.

If I Remember right lost by Landslide

He finished third. But that really has nothing to do with Eisenberger. I'm hardly a fan of his, but it doesn't really matter who ran for the Conservatives, they were going to lose. It's like running a Liberal in Medicine Hat.

You’re right Hendy, I haven’t read it the other article yet. Just got back from work. But I’ve been alive long enough to have read a few of these. To be honest, not a one has ever made me feel ashamed of being a born and raised Hamiltonian. But I know each time one of them is written, there’s always going to be a huge response from the “I’m so ashamed of myself for being born here crowd”. All I know, is that I’m a Hamiltonian, I’ve been all over the world and spent more than 10 years in places other than Hamilton in various far flung corners. Hamilton is the place I keep coming home to and paying taxes in. This isn’t because I don’t have a choice or haven’t been exposed to the better places in the world. So I read these articles with a little smirk usually, because frankly, I know better about the city than they do.

Think of it this way, I view the people who write these anti-Hamilton articles (and they are that, don’t kid yourself, this is typical classist hate speech) as people who say how much they hate Indian food but have never tried it, only looked at it from afar. So too bad for them, more for the rest of us! I know that I like Hamilton, warts and all. So if the intention of the article is to shame me about being a Hamiltonian because my elected officials make a choice based on the information they have at hand and what they believe best for the city (rightly or wrongly) it doesn’t work, I’m not a self-loather. I actually like the fact that even though we rarely ever get gifts from anyone who isn’t an actual Hamiltonian (I’m looking at you province and federal government), when the rare gift does come along, we decide for ourselves whether we really want it or not, or choose how we ourselves want to use it. We don’t just shut-up and take it.

And you know what, outside of a couple of kooks in a couple of newspapers and radio shows, most Canadians, Americans and Europeans that I know like Hamiltonians and do not care a lick about our local political dynamics. I find that is what helps me to be a proud Hamiltonian, we are not unheard of in the greater world outside of Toronto and usually we leave a good impression with people. and these smug self-important wads can’t stand that… hence the inevitable “Hamilton is dumb” or “Hamilton is their own worst enemy article”. Trust me, when the stadium is built, and built in the right place for both the cats and the city, and built to a standard that far exceeds what anyone was expecting, you won’t hear about from any of those guys.

I guess some people can't accept the fact that the politicians in this city continually shoot themselves in the foot. That's why we are the laughing stock of the country. The councillors and the mayor tend to think that the city revolves around the urban core and the suburbs should just sink their taxes down a empty pit in the core...not grow outwards, which most people want to do. I think this is, in part what Lankdof was trying to say. We're handed money on a platter to replace Ivor Wynne and the city wants to clean up the west harbour mess with it. Mayor Fred's big head will cost us a new stadium, WH cleaned up and possibly the Cats and CFL Hall of Fame. Plus, any other business that was thinking of Hamilton to locate will now look elsewhere. PS I was also born and raised here and I've been around to other big cities and the ones run by the left are all regressing not progressing. They do not believe in growth outside of the urban core. Oh yeah, at one time Mayor Fred ran a Conservative but he is anything but, it was the party of convenience at the time. :cowboy:

No one runs in Hamilton as a Conservative for convenience.

I do agree with lefty cities only caring about the downtown core. All David Miller cared about when he ran was making the people who lived on the waterfront. That's the main reason he fought so hard to cancel the island airport bridge.

Believe me Mayor Fred is not a Conservative..not even close. Maybe at one time he pretended to be one, but Freddie is a true lefty idealist. He's killing this city with his tunnel vision of this WH utopia and LRT. In order to quash this loserville image we have we must change this city council from top to bottom. :cowboy:

"Hamilton: the City that won't take 'Yes' for an answer."

I love it !


I'll take your word for it Buck. Berlin, Paris, London, Moscow, Seattle, Vancouver, Seoul, Edinburgh, New York, Montreal and Boston must just be leftie flukes.

Hamilton's legacy certainly couldn't be due to the fact that the crooked governments allowed foul, toxic industries to do whatever they pleased in the core and entrance of the city for over a century and never asked them to clean up their messes upon leaving, making the land unviable for investment could it? Nah, those governments were right leaning and everything they do by definition is correct so up until just now we had great investment in the city. IMO, blaming this all on a perceived left-leaning council simply lets the true idiots off, look at what happened in this city in the 50s, 60s and 70s, and you'll see why we're having problems now.

Sorry guys, just read the Lankhof column and this is actually part of a series he's been working on for a while now, nothing new, and no good points made, just more vitriol writing in a subtly condescending tone to put Hamiltonians down. He still hasn't swayed me to be embarrassed about being from the Hammer and counting the days until, thank god, Hamilton is bulldozed and amalgamated into Trawna. Then they can have enough people to fill the Blue Jays and Bills games and Toronto will finally be excepted into the Union as the 3rd biggest city in America. I find it funny that the Sun is starting to go a little Fox Newsy in the brain... didn't it used to be leftie-pinko paper?

Point is, nothing positive comes to us when the media in other citys continue to tear us a new one every time we have one of these family fights in front of the entire country.

Problem eastender is not what we think that live in the hammer its what others outside think. We need money to come into the city to invest. We need jobs coming in not going out. You can't revitilize downtown without money period. You want businesses coming to Hamilton, then make it easy for them. Not hard. Stoney creek dairy after all these years is leaving Stoney Creek for Quebec because its to hard to do business here. Perception? This column in the Sun is more damning than the CFL on TSN the other night. More circulation of the paper than watch the cfl on TSN.

The City of Hamilton can not afford to subsidize cooperations to stay here.
Private interests should put their money on the table, No verbal gossip,the city can’t count on.
Comparing Hamilton to Toronto is completely unfair, all the ugly condo development in downtown T.O. i would bet that investment is all foreign and subsidized.

I think the problem is that we've subsidized corporations that have taken us to the cleaners -- and slowly killed our land, polluted our air and decimated our waterfront. Then left an atrocious mess on the way out. Then when businesses like the Ticats need help with a capital investment that they could never, ever foot the bill for on their own, the well is pretty dry. Despite providing immeasurable history and benefits to our city -- not to mention jobs and influxes of cash from neighbouring communities.


What's with this board giving you so much time to edit? That's gotta go immediately. I'm editing something and not only do I time out but I lose all that I have written. :thdn:

The brain drain is a big problem. I know alot of people whereupon after graduating University did not choose to reside in Hamilton. These people are living their lives in Toronto. I guess skyrocketing cost of living and youth gangs shooting it out on the streets for turf like it's the OK Corral, is preferable to where their parents raised them in relative security and with a good sense of morality.

Kat, its about the jobs. My one kid lives there because there was no job for him around here. The other one commutes for the same reason. Jobs Jobs Jobs. There was a guy on hear that just we can't afford to subsidize corps. here , well atleast make it easier to come here. The comments I'm reading on these forums are obviously from people who have no idea about businesses in or out of this city. If you don't get new businesses or money coming into this city the taxes will just keep going up. Its a fine line. Its not just the city council that makes it tough, its the city offices that make it tough. This article about Hamilton is only the tip of the iceburg. This debate on the stadium hopefully opens peoples eyes on the way the city is run from the top to the bottom. If there ever was a deamalgamation(sp) Downtown might aswell be bulldozed.