Loserville...Bill Lankhof's column in Sun

Bill Lankhof hit the nail right on the head in his column today. This is how people across this country look at us. Not only that, business looking to invest somewhere certainly will not be looking at Hamilton. The left influenced council see's it as victorious when they chase business out of town...remember Maple Leaf Foods wanting to build a new plant in Glanbrook Industrial Park, they were treated the same way as Bob Young and the Cats have been treated..vilified and demeaned in the media by the city council. :cowboy:

It's amazing how an outsider can capsulize the stadium wranglings so accurately, while so many in Hamilton have such trouble grasping the basic concepts? Maybe they should get tested for their lead and mercury levels after hanging around their beloved brownfields for so long? :wink:

I think it’s funny how you blame left leaning council. Sounds like something fabricated out of a right leaning individual. Let’s face it, all politicians lean either right or left depending on what will get them elected. If you want to talk left vs right, based on the very definition of a conservative/right wing politician they would axe a new stadium and deem it a waste of tax payers money. Don’t forget, its the left wingers who generally love to bleed money. But I guess it can get confusing because the current federal conservative government really aren’t right wingers after all.

For me it's not about that, it's about a Mayor who has an agenda that he will tell the TigerCats what to do, how high and far to jump because they have no choice and they exist to feed his agenda, whatever that is ie. remediation of Rheem, something AEG wants to rent to the TigerCats for the NHL dream etc. I don't know. I don't think it's so much about Fred being left really, I think the man is as phoney as a $3.00 bill or at the very least extremely sneaky with his agenda.

He just doesn't care about the TigerCats, he would never do that if Bob was talking NHL. I hope he gets tossed out of office fast and quick.

Its the best article to date, and it clearly demonstrates the opinion of so many outside of Hamilton. Thanks to this mayor for the first time ever I feel embarrassed to be a Hamiltonian.

this is todays Hamilton and its how we are viewed, in fact Bill Lankhof was kind.

....Haha, the irony. I posted this at 4 O'clock today and it was deleted.........the mod's must be selective.


I e-mailed this story to the mayor today. Everyone should do the same and maybe he'll start to realize the magnitude of this mess he has created.

[url=http://www.fan590.com/media.jsp?content=20100817_112121_4844]http://www.fan590.com/media.jsp?content ... 12121_4844[/url]

Just another example of whats being said over the airwaves,

Got to feel sorry for Sam Merulla, some would say he brought in on himself, maybe. But point is not where we put a stadium but listening sure makes it clear as to why at this point in Hamiltons History getting new visitors into the core is impossible.

Hate to say it but Krystel is Right .

Well right or wrong no city needs this kind of negitive national coverage.

Agreed But Sam should have known what he was in for
this guy is a Jerk

He almost as Bad Dragon as The Lady of CHCH Hamilton Donna Skelly

Krystal is aloudmouth looking for attention. He is 100% wrong about Hamilton He has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about regarding Hamilton. He even made Merulla look good. Why people listen to him is beyond me. Why people believe him is even more perplexing

Onknight, exactly what was it that Krystel said that was right about Hamilton?

Sorry, I know nobody wants to hear this, but that guy was bang on. The Ticats are looked on as “lovable losers” by other teams’ fans & Hamilton is seen the same. And when someone like Bob Young tries to change the status quo, he’s vilified for it because, rightly or wrongly, Hamilton doesn’t get that business drives everything. Governments do not exist to make money, businesses do. Don’t get me wrong, the Ticats are not entirely clean in this debacle, but it’s time for the city of Hamilton to become more like Toronto in regard to business development. Krystal is right that Toronto gets more perks because they have the ability to generate more revenue. That’s how life works. Anyone can see that, except for lots of Hamiltonians.

Before you jump on me, I am Hamilton born & raised, but I’ve lived in lots of different places in Ontario. Let me tell you, you really get an eye opener when you live in a different city. Hamilton has to join the 21st century.

Krystal is on record as saying he has no use for the CFL.
He suckered Merulla into doing the interview so he could make controversial comments about downtown Hamilton.
It's all part of Krystal's game plan to be as controversial as possible at someone else's expense now that he is the new guy in town at the Fan. Of course he has some valid points about the state of Hamilton's downtown but that's not new.
He even called Hamilton "Halifax" at one point.
Toronto is a good place for him...they deserve him.

That downtown Hamilton is Responsible for the death of it own downtown.

Sorry, Onknight you lost me on that one mate.

Except downtown is alive and well, getting better and better every month in spite of city hall or people like Krystal that don't have clue. Krystal is only looking for guys like me to engage him. Well he isn't going to get me to aid him . I will no longer acknowledge the clown in the event that he is looking for free publicity here

Hard to argue with Lankhof's logic. Not very hard to understand why Hamilton has not embarrassed the stadium deal and partnered with Young. Merulla's interview on the Fan 590 - is positive proof why Hamilton has and will go absolutely no where with the current mindset. What a embarrassment - what an idiot. Hostco says " Fred so who is your major tenant ? Fred reply's " high school football. " Hostco reply's " Guess what moron - you and you band of misfits just lost the stadium. "

Man, I hate to say this but I think Sam was doing a good job in that interview and sounded a whole lot more sane than the “interviewer” who didn’t so much seem to want to talk about the stadium issue but to use it as an opportunity to slag Hamilton. I guess it makes him feel better.

Honestly guys, it sounded like a Fox News interview. Sure our image sucks to some people in Toronto… but really does it matter? Honestly, I choose to live in the Hammer based on my own impression of the city, not someone else’s. I could give two @#$%s about what somebody else thinks (which is part of the Hamiltonian culture). I’d rather the downtown be viewed positively by those people that matter, the people who actually live here. Everyone else who’s too afraid of character and history can just enjoy their cookie-cutter cities, soulless condos and what not, as they drive through the same streets, eating the same crappy food from the same crappy chains, day in, day out. Fact is, the lack of interest that big business showed in “fixing” downtown in the soulless 70’s and 80’s is honestly what has seeded this town to have a unique character in the future. Go to places like Toronto, Calgary, Dallas, Houston, Seattle, Miami, Chicago, (insert other cookie cutter city here), etc, and tell me what is different at the street level (except overall population)… nothing, there is nothing unique, there are literally dozens of these cities on this continent. Same with the suburbs, each and every one of them is identical to 100s of other suburbs. Honestly, put someone from Oakville into Burlington, Milton or Mississauga and they wouldn’t even know they weren’t home.

These kind of “interviews” and articles are only really relevant to the self-loathers and those who like to look down on people so that they can feel superior. Good on them, they can keep their superiority in their own towns. Few Hamiltonians have ever taken a superior than others attitude with any one they don’t know, the place is welcoming and warm, a little rough on the surface sure but, the people are good and few have trouble liking Hamiltonians when they get to know them. I can’t say this is true for every one of the cookie cutter places. So they can have their plastic fantastic and I’ll stick with tin and steel.